How do you feel about taking an online program? Have you ever wondered what the pros of online learning are? While online programs have grown in popularity, with over 31% of higher education students having taken at least one, myths and misconceptions about the way the public views online learning still abound. In the infographic below, we break down the pros of online learning, and surprising facts that shed light on how people today truly perceive the the format:

pros of online learning

It’s true that in their nascent stages online programs would tend to receive a bad rap. But don’t let outdated biases and stigmas fool you if you’re considering taking up a class online. In fact, in addition to employers’ perceptions of online learning,’s 2018 Online Education Trends Report found:

  • 79% of all online students and 76% of alumni think that online education is “better than” or “equal to” on-campus education
  • 73% of schools made a decision to offer online programs this year alone
  • 58% of the general population view online learning as “better than” or “equal to” an on-campus education

With the need for flexibility and the evolution of technology, online programs have grown to rival their campus counterparts, with an experience many students, faculty and employers view as equal, if not better. Level offers part-time and full-time programs online and on-campus. If you’re interested in finding out more, request the curriculum and connect with an admissions coach today!

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