Data Analytics Program alumniWhen Don Masur enrolled in Level’s data analytics program, he knew he was ready to make his next career move. As an analyst between positions, he was at the perfect stage to update and broaden his skillset, and he was looking for an intensive analytics course–for him, Level was the clear fit.

He committed to the full-time intermediate program, an 8-week accelerated experience, and  graduated in August. Now, Don is celebrating his latest win: a new role as a business analytics consultant with MassMutual, a company he says he approached before starting Level. Now, with training and experience in hand, he’s ready to dedicate himself to solving their data challenges.

We caught up with Don to congratulate him on his position and see how he’s been translating his new analytics skills into his day-to-day work at MassMutual:

Level: What led you to explore a data analytics bootcamp?

Don Masur: I have been working in analytics and leading diverse teams for over 10 years, and was at a point in my career where I was between positions and had the time to formally refresh my skills. Level’s data analytics program stood out to me because it was offered in-person–which I prefer to online–and it was intensive and available full-time. This allowed me to focus for a shorter period of time and accomplish my goals.

Level: Congrats on landing the job at MassMutual! You say you mentioned our program to employers when you were interviewing for data roles. Do you feel like this played a part in landing the job?

Don: Yes, I think so. I had just been accepted into Level when I interviewed with MassMutual, and I actually took the one-page course overview with me. It was a great talking point, and [it] showed them I was serious about staying current in my field.

Level: What does your day-to-day look like now? What types of projects are you working on?  

Don: I’m working to enhance and streamline financial reporting, and help the team adopt a new data warehouse and BI platform, of which I have some familiarity.

Level: Do you think taking formal analytics training made a difference in how comfortable you feel working on these projects?

Don: Absolutely. Many of the subject areas we covered at Level have come up repeatedly in business meetings, and by virtue of having just taken the course I have been much more prepared to actively contribute.  

Level: What are some of the challenges you’ve faced in data analytics? Do you feel prepared to take those on?  

Don: To be honest, learning academic concepts and applying them in a business setting isn’t always as seamless as one would hope. There’s really no other way, in my experience–one needs to understand [things] conceptually first and only then will the business applications and solutions appear.  It is very beneficial to have many tools in the toolkit–even the ones you don’t use everyday can occasionally be a lifesaver.

Level: What advice would you give to someone looking to get into or advance in the field? 

Don: I absolutely do recommend a formal training program like the Level course, especially for those seeking a broader overview of data analytics today. It is also increasingly important to have a specialty– find one area of passion and learn everything there is to know about it. You are far better there than to be a jack-of-all-trades.

Level: One final question: what’s next for you?  

Don: I’m excited to continue settling into the new role – which I’m loving – and seeking ways to make a difference using the tools and techniques I learned from Level. Thanks for a great course, and best of luck in making it grow!


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