applying to data positionsOftentimes, one of the biggest challenges you’ll face when applying to new positions is simply getting your resume in front of an HR team or hiring manager. Due to the sheer volume of responses one job posting may amass, many organizations leverage applicant tracking systems, which use robots to filter through resumes based on keywords, during the hiring process to help pick their ideal candidates. In fact, TopResume has found that out of hundreds of people applying to a role, only about 5% of those applicants will actually land an interview. But don’t let this statistic discourage you! You can overcome this hurdle and get your resume into real hands with a little bit of keyword tailoring. 

Data Analyst Resume Keywords

You have the skills, but how do you translate what you have to offer into an awesome data analyst resume? The first step toward bolstering your resume for data analytics positions is to do some research into which keywords are most relevant to the field of analytics, and more specifically to the positions you are applying for. HR and hiring managers load up their postings with the ideal skills and qualifications they are looking for – this is where you can take advantage of those keywords on your resume. 

Applicant Tracking Systems tend to eliminate more than half of the candidates who apply to open positions based on keywords alone, which can make the job-hunting process all the more frustrating. As a general rule of thumb, if you have at least 60% of the desired skills required for a position, you should apply. 

Once you know your skills stack up, highlighting those important data analytics keywords in your resume can mean the difference between beating the bot, or being lost in the resume shuffle altogether. Your skills are key, but incorporating the right language into your experience, qualifications and objective summary, and packaging it all up in the right format, is equally as important.

To help you build a foundation for crafting the perfect, high-quality data analyst resume, we’ve put together a data analyst resume cheat sheet and have highlighted the structure we’ve seen work time and again below.

Anatomy of a Data Analyst Resume

Don’t feel discouraged if your resume isn’t getting the bites you want just yet. Take a look at the requirements for data analytics roles, and refresh your language to resonate with those types of positions. This can also help you find where, or if, you need to strengthen any of your skills. Conversely, If you don’t already have the formal experience analyzing data but want to gain the skills to be an analyst, programs like Level’s Data Analytics bootcamps can suit a range of different experiences and backgrounds.


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