The Internet of Things is on the rise! From connecting apps and household products to implementing IoT sensors for building a SmartCity, Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area have adopted this technology as their own. Check out these four California based IoT companies that are on the rise.

ButterfleyeButterfleye isn’t just another security camera company- they leverage the IoT technology to create a system that is connected anywhere and monitors 24/7, even  during power and internet failure. Equipped with smart sensors, Butterfleye can detect thermal changes, unusual noises, and displacement of the camera in addition to the high definition visuals found in most security cameras. These sensors, along with smart-technology like facial recognition, give real-time information accessible via a mobile app giving the end user a sense of security from the convenience of a cell phone.

ProxToMeProxToMe is another company in the security space. By creating a software “bridge” between physical objects and the digital universe securely, actions, like getting money from an ATM or paying for a meal at a restaurant, can be done reliably through a cell phone. Cardless payment systems are not new by any means, but these systems can easily be prone to hacking or replicated because they only assume, via GPS, that the smartphone is near the ‘thing’ it interacts with (like an ATM). ProxToMe’s software uses Bluetooth technology combined with IoT Fog computing to connect your smartphone accurately and securely without storing sensitive information.

R-Style LabR-Style Lab creates custom software for companies to adopt the amazing potential of the IoT by helping them build it into their infrastructure. In their own words, they “aid businesses with goals to cut down on expenses and increase their efficiency with actionable data from distributed connected sensors, objects and devices.”

The developers at R-Style Lab have expertise in back-end infrastructure and integration, front-end reporting and analytics, and mobile applications to help companies adopt the IoT on a small or full scale. Examples of their work include:

  • Working with a digital healthcare company to build a system with real-time visualization of EKG data for monitoring cardiac health remotely.
  • Developing a secure-authorization mobile app for the U.S. Law Enforcement to monitor radioactivity at crime scenes. The app connects radiation detection devices and sensors to a server that processes the information and creates a detailed report so that officers are better prepared and protected.

Besides being home to startups focused on the IoT- the Silicon Valley itself is adopting the technology by implementing sensors and devices that will help streamline municipal functions and make roads safer for pedestrians and bicyclists.

Vimoc TechnologiesVimoc Technologies has developed a platform that provides accurate and intelligent feedback to applications so decisions can be made in real-time. Their technology incorporates advanced sensors that monitor vehicle traffic flows, pedestrian walk patterns, parking spot availability, and bicyclist routes. This information can be used for both city planning, such as where to put in a new bike path or crosswalk, or in real-time to help alleviate traffic congestion by changing stoplight patterns. The City of Palo Alto, Redwood City, Santa Clara University and Stanford are all using the Vimoc platform right now to better their cities and universities.

Despite being new, ever-changing, and still not fully understood- the Internet of Things is being adopted and implemented by exciting companies using the technology to better our world, today. If you’re interested in gaining the skills to join them, or just to know more about the IoT emerging as a new technology, contact us or fill out an application below!

Bonus Tip: If learning about the IoT isn’t enough and you’d like to see it in action- Silicon Valley Tours can show you around some of the most innovative IoT companies in the Valley!




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