Data analytics is the job of tomorrow. More and more companies are recognizing the importance of the data they collect and use to better run their business. Data analytics is being utilized by companies across all sectors; from healthcare to government to social media. Here in Boston there is no shortage of companies based on using data analytics in unique ways.  Some companies, like QuantZig, are solely built on analyzing data for other companies and has clients that span various sectors such as retail, automobiles, and the food industry. Other companies in Boston are making an impact in specific industries, like these:


State and local governments release a lot of data to the public in an effort to be more transparent, but the hard part is understanding what it all means, and what to do with it. Cleargov is on a mission to “make complex data simple” by analyzing state-provided open data into easy to understand insights and infographics. A clear view of financial performance and rankings allow officials to make more informed, fact-based decisions about their budgets for future economic development and helps the public understand how tax money is spent. All this adds up to a democracy that works better for all, through the insight of analytics.


Kyruus is tackling some serious Big Data in the health sector by increasing the efficiency of scheduling and referrals from patients to healthcare providers. Provider data- like office location and hours, insurance networks, and a list of services- is often inaccurate or incomplete which makes it difficult and frustrating to utilize their services in a timely manner. The leads to an increased wait time for patients and a less efficient healthcare system overall. Kyruus is helping patients connect with the correct provider for their needs, right when they need it. By analyzing the data in a usable way, consolidating data from multiple sources, and ensuring reliability, patients have a better experience, and doctors and hospitals are able to fill and confirm appointments more effectively, mitigating wasted time and resources in a sector where efficiency and effectiveness matter most.


Cyber Security

As the world gets smaller with more and more connections, there is an unfortunate risk of our connected technologies to be compromised. Data breaches are becoming the new norm, and companies are struggling to know how to cope- some don’t even know they’re at risk! So what is there to do about it? Knowing what problems are happening, where they can occur in the future, and what actions to take if problems arise are all important steps in fixing a complicated challenge like cyber security. Rapid7 is using advanced data analytics to help companies be more secure in their operations. They help analyze risks, detect weak points, and give visibility across the entire IT environment by analyzing data from different sources; networks, databases, hardware, software, and the web. They seek to automate and simplify cybersecurity so that technology, security, and operations professionals can all work together to act immediately upon threat, and measure the impact of their actions.



The Earth’s weather patterns have long been studied, but how we gather the data- and what we do with it- is changing. Weather data is traditionally collected via satellite at 35,000km, or radar at 10,000km above the ground to know broad patterns of what’s happening. Understory is taking a different approach by collecting data at a hyper-local density, right on the ground. According to their website, their sensors take 3000 measurements every second! This incredible amount of data is first collected, and then analyzed in usable format, put into context, and sent to where it matters; like utility companies to prepare for outages and farmers to maximize their crop yields. The weather is unpredictable, but with reliable, local data and strong analytics, Understory helps businesses adjust their actions as fast as the weather can change.

Crimson Hexagon

Social Media and Marketing

By now, most everyone has heard of Twitter and Linkedin, but it might not be as well known how these social media sites utilize all the data that’s gathered on their pages. With other big-name clients like Adidas, Starbucks, and Anheuser-Busch, Crimson Hexagon is taking analytics to new levels by offering AI-powered insights of massive, unstructured datasets. They house the largest library of social media data, and can analyze different formats of data, like pictures and text, together at the same time for further insight. This has applications for strategizing marketing campaigns and measuring performance, predicting market trends, and observing brand perception. With over 500 million tweets every day, it can be daunting to know what to do with the vast amount of data generated today, but Crimson Hexagon helps find meaning in an endless sea of social posts through advanced analytics.


Do any of these companies sound interesting? The good news is, according to BuiltInBoston, most of them are hiring! Level from Northeastern University can help you quickly gain the skills in analytics needed to jump on board one of these cutting-edge companies!

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