Just like the expanding data of the world today, there’s an ever-growing list of companies centered around data analytics and management- especially in the tech-mecca of the San Francisco Bay area. It’s no secret that data analysts are well on their way to being one of the most in-demand positions of the coming years, and for good reason. Companies- both big and small-are collecting data in unfathomable amounts. More qualified analysts are going to be needed to sort, filter, and use this Big Data at all sophistication levels.

According to AngelList, there are more than 40 new startups hiring for Data Analyst positions near SF, but even if you’re not located in the Bay area, don’t fret. There are an additional 22+ startups and big name companies looking for remote data analysts to join their team. Here’s a few examples of companies in the San Francisco Bay area based around using data analytics at different levels:



Trifacta – Exploratory analysis:

San Francisco-based Trifacta is focused on data wrangling – collecting the information, sorting it all out and getting the data into usable shape for analysis. This is the first step of data analysis, and can often be confusing and time-consuming. Their aim is to make this stage of analytics more accurate and efficient, and help people who analyze data be more productive. In short, they help get the ball rolling, so that companies can understand what their data is even telling them. This allows for further exploration and insight, as the analysis moves to a deeper level.

CBIG Consulting


CBIG Consulting – Predictive analysis:

Highly recognized for their business intelligence and big data solutions, CBIG Consulting is using data analysis to spot trends, isolate findings, and give highly specific recommendations for the future based on historical data. Using predictive analysis can help businesses shape their strategy and better meet their goals-with less surprises along the way. CBIG tests complex situations and outcomes to improve predictive results, re-evaluating as they go to enhance their data that helps pave the path to the future.



Informatica – Prescriptive analysis:

Redwood City’s Informatica is a long-standing champion of data. From 1993 through today they have been a part of the shift towards data analytics as a necessary tool for smarter, more agile businesses. As stated on their website – they operate with “100% focus on everything data” to provide analytical insights for intelligent actions. Their approach is to combine all levels of analysis and ensure it is trustworthy, so that it can be used to make business, strategy, and compliance decisions as a real-time response to the data. Building the tools to be fast and efficient, Informatica has shaped how data analysis has, and continues to, help businesses respond to their environment in a more effective way.


Sight Machine

Sight Machine – Optimization:

SightMachine takes digital manufacturing to a whole new level of efficiency through the use of advanced data analytics. They help companies identify bottlenecks, trim down waste, and find insights to product and quality issues. Every manufacturing firm aims to be efficient in the use of its resources, and analytics can help make sense of all the moving parts, from supply chain to strict processes control. Knowing what’s going on, where it’s happening, and how it will affect everything else is key knowledge for manufacturing firms to operate. All of this amounts to a more streamlined workflow- and more optimized process through the use of analytics.

These are just a few companies in the San Francisco Bay area that are centered around data analytics- there are many more, some even being started-up right now!

So, how to join in? The good news is you don’t have to be an expert in all sophistication levels to make an impact or land a job in the data field. These companies demonstrate that data analytics is a wide field- and can be applied in many ways. Focusing on one of these areas can give you a leg up in preparing for the continued growth of analytics in such a dynamic city. Data Analytics from Level can help you get started!level data analytics


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