Seattle is a booming tech city. More and more companies are being born every day. As data roles rise, some companies solely dedicated to data analysis are starting to appear. These data companies aim to use data to take the weight off of other companies or provide useful insights on theories of better business practice. Other companies seek to use data to provide the best user experience to their customers.

Atavus Tacklytics

Football players are constantly practicing and training to perfect their game, tackling especially. With the increasing knowledge of long-term injuries caused by football, safety is on everyone’s mind. Atavus is attempting to perfect their “Tacklytics” platform to mitigate injuries during the game. The platform analyzes plays and points out ways to improve tackle performance overall. WIth a comprehensive platform helping coaches week-by-week, Atavus could reinvent the way coaches train their players.


The third largest retailer in the world, Amazon, is based in Seattle and they using data analysis in almost every portion of their business. Amazon owns space in everything from clothing, to tech, to food and they are even trying to add healthcare to their repertoire of goods and services. With all of these options available to consumers, it leads to a superabundance of data for them to collect, analyze and use. Amazon has truly mastered the recommendation portion of their services. Based on millions of transactions and customer clickstream data, they can show each user-customized results from every page based on historical data.

Canna Ventures

In partner with Cascade Strategies, Canna Ventures seeks to be a leading player in marketing analytics of the cannabis industry. They have collaborated to analyze and test why people prefer certain strains of cannabis over others. Conducting market research, backed by hard data, they have released white papers such as Cannabis Branding for Men & Women. Since the cannabis market is still budding, companies like these will be at the forefront of data analysis in these sectors, making them the ones to watch.


Based in Seattle, and part of Level’s Core Curriculum, Tableau is a premier data visualization software. Using live analysis charts and interactive dashboards, Tableau makes it easy for people to spot visual patterns in data sets naturally. Visualization is a crucial part of data analysis as it allows you to portray your findings in easy to read format for people that don’t have experience in analysis. Tableau can also be linked to other data analysis software for live updating, making it an extremely valuable tool.

Spruce Up

Expecting to launch later this year, Spruce Up is a company using data science to help streamline the interior design process for consumers. Founder and CEO, Mia Lewin describes the process: ”By pairing our customers with their very own home design shopping sherpa, we curate designer looks with hand-picked items that specifically fit our customer’s style, budget, and needs.” Combining tech with design expertise, this company is sure to shake up the interior design space.

The scope of which we use data is massive. Everything featured on Amazon, to interior design and even cannabis, businesses are finding we need data to better combat the ever-changing consumer market. Traditional methods aren’t as effective as they used to be. Using data to master their customer basis is what will help businesses optimize to their highest potential. As these companies develop, more roles will be needed to be filled. There is a distinct skill gap as tech roles rise, and you should be prepared to skill up to stay ahead of the curve in the new job market. Level can help you bridge that skill gap with training in R, SQL, and Tableau as your build your data portfolio ultimately leading up to a capstone project with a professional partner company.

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