Level is excited to welcome Emily Hopkins as the newest addition to the marketing and enrollment team. In her new role as Marketing Specialist, Emily will be working closely with potential students interested in Level to help them start their journeys in analytics and IoT.

We recently sat down with Emily for an interview, where she shared a bit more about her background, including her own non-traditional education route. Now, she brings her experience to Level, and is eager to help students understand and choose the paths that help them reach their own personal and professional goals.

What is your background in?

Like a lot of Level students, I’m embarking on a career change! My background is traditionally in bench science. I focussed my undergraduate studies in Biology and Chemistry, but am most recently coming from an Environmental Science start up. In this last role, I wore many hats and also worked as a product manager. I’m excited to work in an environment where I can share my experience as a career changer to help others in similar positions, and expand my current skills and my science background in a new mentality.

What drew you to make the switch to Level?

I had the chance to attend a Data Science event that Level was hosting at the Silicon Valley campus and saw how the programs and non-traditional education route were truly impacting people’s lives. I myself have experience with non-traditional education in a program that I’ve really enjoyed, and I felt excited to play a role in making that impact for someone else. I’m looking forward to supporting learners’ goals in a fast-paced, collaborative environment!

Could you tell us a bit more about your experience with non-traditional education?

Definitely! I’m currently taking a fully online MBA program, but what sets it apart from other online degrees is the amount of live support available. It feels very much like an on-campus experience, as I am interacting with my professors and classmates, completing a thesis capstone project, and have the opportunity to network. I still receive all of the of the benefits of an on-campus class, with the flexibility of the online format. The program is actually very similar to Northeastern and Level’s virtual offerings.

How do you hope to use your experience with non-traditional education to help students considering Level?

I hope to take what I feel are the best aspects of my degree and incorporate them into the Level programs and student experience. I want to understand the Level experience from the learner’s perspective so that I can best address their goals and pain points. Ultimately, I hope to show others that you can achieve your education goals, while still prioritizing experience goals and needs (and work/home obligations), and be an example that quality and impactful education goes so much further than just getting a degree (or a piece of paper)!

Thank you, Emily! Can you leave us with a fun fact?

I have to say, I bake a mean birthday cake. I’d love to open up my own bakery one day and support people with some sweet treats. My brother, Kilton Hopkins, also created the Internet of Things program at Level so I was familiar with the different programs being offered. It was being there in person and meeting the applicants and students that sealed the deal!

We’re so excited to welcome Emily on board to share her experience with applicants as they explore the different sides of Data Analytics and IoT! We are now enrolling for our upcoming Internet of Things and Data Analytics programs and are here to help you take the next step!


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