Data analytics is exploding in all parts of the world and all major industries. From healthcare to retail, finance and beyond. Companies are using data to find answers to problems we didn’t even know we had. In fact, by 2020 the number of Data Science and Analytics job listings is projected to grow by nearly 364,000 listings to approximately 2,720,000.

Charlotte is a part of this movement. The tech center has grown 28% in the last five years, and more than 92k people work in tech and analytics in Charlotte. Several companies are making big data an integral part of the way their business operates. Here we highlight a few standouts:

Business Intelligence:

Utilizing business intelligence, combined with strategic coordination, Pandera Systems creates insights for a wide variety of industries. Pandera uses their data systems to help manage projects or completely revitalize infrastructure of companies to help guide them down a path of success. Pandera has several offices, their most recent addition being in Charlotte.

Pandera’s slogan, “success is predictable” is not only clever, but it’s also accurate. Data analytics has been proven to help reduce costs, make better business decisions and develop new products.  Level Alum, Brian O’Connor recently accepted a position at Pandera as a Business Intelligence Analyst.


Using high-efficiency data analysis and evidence-based practices, Premier helps health care providers get ahead of the curve. Their goal is to streamline the way healthcare is provided to patients and how they run operationally to ensure the highest quality of customer satisfaction. They even earned themselves several Best in KLAS recognition.

Premier has been credited in greatly assisting health care providers in many facets through the use of their complex data management system.  Financially, Premier has helped healthcare providers improve cost efficiency in clinical, labor, supply chain and hospital operations. Minimizing costs and improving the effectiveness of the processes for providers have made them a top rated platform.


Trupoint Analytics uses cloud-based analytics to help manage loans and deposits for Fair Lending, HMDA, CRA and Redlining compliance from financial institutions.  Their goal is to help mitigate risk and encourage growth. Trupoint leverages their extensive database combined trained experts to help guide and provide clarity to their customer.

Trupoint has been highlighted for their ease of use in their visual representations for people that aren’t keen on on statistical data analytics. They have an expansive support system of qualified data members available for assistance in issues customers might have.

Real Estate:

Finally, the real-estate lead generation service ‘DealBot’ implemented analytics that quadrupled their inbound leads. DealBot is a lead management tool specifically for real estate. “Basically, we get people who are ready to sell their house but haven’t put it on the market yet to call our clients. Our client then gets a better deal, an off-market price for the house”, founder Blair Halver explains. Recently, they implemented the ‘CallRail’ platform for analyzing and qualifying high volumes of leads.

CallRail uses analytics to help improve sales and marketing teams by breaking down campaigns into segmented data. In turn, Dealbot is better suited to market and sell their product correctly and to the right leads, balancing out telemarketing and direct mail.

How Can You Get Involved?

As the need for analytic roles rises, we are seeing an exponentially increasing education gap for these positions. Level seeks to minimize that gap. Admissions are rolling for our Set and Core boot camps on our Charlotte campus beginning in May. Get the hard skills you need to dive into this booming job market.


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