Previously, we gave you some sweet IoT gift ideas involved with building basic IoT sensors and boards for the hardcore techies out there. But of course, there are many tech-enthusiasts you still want to impress with fresh, futuristic products. Here are a few things that will help take your life to the next level!


1.Amazon Echo


Our recent IoT Hackathon prize, and the hallmark of Amazon’s immense library of products for sale on their website; the Amazon Echo takes your home and transforms it into a smart home! With connectivity capabilities to many other IoT products and it’s onboard AI assistant, you can check the weather, dim your lights, change the song you’re listening to; and these are just a few things!



  1. WeMo Light Switch


Have you ever wondered if you forgot to turn off the lights? With the WeMo light switch, you have full connectivity to the lights your house all through the app. Schedule porch lights to turn on by the time you get home from work and turn off after you go to bed! Dim the lights from your couch when the wall is just too far away.




  1. Parrot Flower Power


Worrying about if your green thumb? Worry no more with the Parrot Flower Power your phone takes care of all the worrying for you! Insert the Flower Power into your pot and choose which plant it is through the app. The app will send notifications when the plant needs water, more sunlight and more based on the type of plant.



  1. Nest Smart Thermostat


This is the most expensive product on the list but has the potential to save you the most in the long run. Nest learns your habits and adjusts the temperature according to the data provided. It will notice when there is no movement in the house and turn off to help save you money. The first thermostat to receive an Energy Star rating, this is a staple item in your future smart home!


As we see more and more smart-home tech come into play, it isn’t hard to get excited about how these new and inventive products make our lives easier. We have seen a spike in consumer-based IoT product in the last few years, and the numbers are only rising! Stay ahead of the tech curve with these awesome gadgets!




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