The holidays are coming to a close and it is time to scramble for some last minute gifts! We put together this list of stocking stuffers for the tech-savvy people in your life! From build-kits to programming computers; these gifts will make anyone interested drool.

  1. Raspberry Pi Starter Kit


Raspberry Pi 3 Model B is the perfect board for learning to code! Raspberry Pi is a small affordable computer that you can use to learn to programme. Raspberry Pi’s are even used in Level’s IoT Bootcamp! For someone who doesn’t have prior Pi accessories, you may want to include the starter kit in this stocking stuffer.



  1. Adafruit Perma-Proto Mini Tin-Size Breadboard


What do you get when you combine a breadboard with a reinforced PCB? Your premade proto-board from Adafruit! Adafruit wanted to help you skip a step in your prototyping by making a quality PCB that is gold plated for strength and to prevent oxidation. The perfect stocking stuffer at only $5.95 for the aspiring engineer in your life!


  1. Particle Maker Kit


Our Hackathon sponsor Particle has the perfect gift to turn someone from rookie hacker into building internet-enabled projects. With thirty different types of materials, they will have everything they need to create their first piece of technological hardware!


  1. Losant Door Sensor Kit


We have all seen the smart doorbells on the market currently; a little pricey for a stocking stuffer. Now you can create your IoT door sensor for only $14.95! With this kit from Losant, you can get push notifications sent straight to your device when your door or window opens. Cool gift for the young engineer in your family that wants to great something with real data being pushed to their device.


  1. Renesas Synergy AE Wi-Fi Connector Board


How could we make an IoT stocking stuffer list without a board that connects your hardware to the internet?! Renesas Synergy made connecting to the internet easily with this board. The board also features a GT202 Wi-Fi module based on Qualcomm Atheros QCA4002! Great gift for taking a piece of hardware into the IoT platform.

With these products, someone can get into the building blocks of IoT products. All of these things are an excellent starting point for someone interested in building smart technology. Show someone how smart you think they are by grabbing one of these epic tech toys!





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