As Maddie’s Student Success Manager, I had to pleasure of watching her excel as a student at Level and now am happy to see her very engaged as an alumn. I got the chance to sit down and ask her some questions about her experience.

MaddieWhat made you decide to enroll in Level?

I know that data is at the root of every industry in this day and age and if I didn’t learn how to understand it then I would professionally be left behind. Especially within higher education enrollment management, the field I currently work in, data is what drives ALL the decisions we make. I knew that if I ever want to move up within this field I needed to learn more about data and how to understand it.

What did you want to get out of Level?

I wanted to learn mainly how to understand data. I didn’t go into the course wanting to become a data analysis professionally but wanted the skills so I could engage in conversations surrounding data, accurately understand what it was telling me, and act of the trends I was going to be able to now see.

Did Level help you change your career the way you wanted to?

Yes! I have had the chance to use some of the data visualization tools I learned in level to share information within my department. I am able to more accurately plan my recruitment travel for the university as well. I know that as my reputation grows as the “data girl” in my office that more and more opportunities will be coming my way.

Lets talk about your capstone. Who was it with, what did you do, how beneficial was it for your career?

I partnered up with another student in my Level Set course, she also was my coworker within undergraduate admissions at Northeastern, to learn more about the international student populations here at Northeastern. We partnered up with one of our colleagues in the Office of Enrollment Research in order to grab data to truly understand if Northeastern had become a more global institution over the last 5 years. While it didn’t directly impact my career path it made me even more comfortable with sorting through huge data sets and visualizing them in order for a larger audience to understand them.

What’s next for you after Level?

I am now enrolled in the Master’s of Education program with a concentration in higher education administration at Northeastern Universities, College of Professional Studies. I have already incorporated some of what I learned at Level into my work and look forward to finding ways down the line to merge both my Level and Master’s knowledge into further opportunities within the field of enrollment management.

As a Level graduate, what advice do you have for current and future students?

Don’t be afraid! I was nervous walking into Level that I was going to be lightyears behind my peers in my knowledge base and have trouble understanding the concept. However, Level approaches everything from such a practical standpoint that you are able to understand concepts and theories with such ease because you are actively applying it in the real world. Especially for women, know you’re smart and that while data might seem like a man’s world you have the chance to gain skills in a productive and supportive environment!


We thank Maddie for taking the time to tell us about her experience at Level. Take a look at our programs here and don’t hesitate to fill out an application. I’m looking forward to seeing you in a classroom soon!


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