KentOur Level alumn have gone off and worked in many different industries from healthcare to education to government.  Kent Johnson who graduated from the Data Analytics Full Time program this past summer is now working at Yahoo as a Content Analyst, and we’re excited to share his story.

What made you decide to enroll in Level?

After researching other programs, Level jumped out as being the best fit and most relevant program for the career path I want to move into. The curriculum’s focus on the practical use of data, as well as the hands-on approach made the experience incredibly appealing.

What did you want to get out of Level?

Level seemed like a program that would not only teach me the skills I was looking for, but a program that would give me the hands-on approach I was looking for. I wanted to practice data analytics skills directly. I was interested in a program that would also connect me to a network of other data professionals.

Tell us about your Capstone project with Peerless

My capstone project was with Peerless Wholesale Liquors where I performed an in-depth analysis of ten years of wholesale data. The project cumulated with a Tableau presentation for their management team, which in itself was a great experience as it gave me something to speak about in job interviews.

How did working on your capstone help Peerless?

Peerless used my analysis in an exploratory manner, looking to get an idea of what their data could do for them. Ultimately, my analysis broke down their company sales based on volume, and in turn, was used to improve warehouse efficiency.

What are your takeaways from working with Peerless?

I was able to obtain solid professional experience in a field I was still new to. Specifically, I left with a better understanding of the data workflow from start to finish. It was great being able to present my findings to management, and to showcase the insights that the data revealed.

You’re working with Yahoo now, yes? What do you do there?

At Yahoo, I’m part of the content team as a Content Analyst and Knowledge Engineer. We collect user data and perform analyses on Yahoo search. To me, the most interesting part of my job is working with intent tagging, in which the goal is to apply meaning to statements to help train a bot. I’m happy that I receive a lot of cross-training, and I get to work with many groups on various projects.

Would you say that Level helped you change your career the way you wanted to?

Level as able to help me move into the career change that I was hoping for. I felt that I received the experience needed as well as a taste of the industry in a constructive environment.

What’s next for you?

I’m very interested in natural language processing and computational linguistics, so those will come into play at some point I’m hoping. I’m currently pursuing a master’s in computer science at Georgia Tech. I’ll continue working at Yahoo in my current role.

We’re thrilled for Kent’s success and we wish him the best of luck at his new role. Interested in applying to Level? Take a look at our application here and dive in to becoming a Data Analyst!


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