Level Graduate Success Story: Manu Karnati


Level is always thrilled to see students succeed in the real-world after graduation. Recent Level graduate Manu Karnati is proof that data analytics is an incredibly valuable skillset that can transition into any field. What makes Manu’s situation extra special is that she received a job from her Capstone partner right after graduation – and we’re proud to see it! We had the chance to reconnect with Manu recently and to see how her education as a recent Level graduate helped her become a Data Architect and Report Developer for InSite Wireless Inc.

What made you decide to enroll in Level?

I’m an ETL developer with 6 years of experience working with Archetype Consulting Inc. in Boston. Archetype always encourages its employees to work towards their dreams, so I took advantage of their offer and decided to land my career in one of my interests. I knew that I had an interest towards data analytics and data science, and I and started to research different certificate, boot camp-style programs.

I was basically looking for a part-time program so that I can continue working full-time. I chose to enroll in Level because this is the only boot camp offered by a university in Boston which I felt more credible than others. Also, I can choose part-time, but still had a curriculum comparable to that of a full-time program. My main reason for enrolling into Level is because of the capstone project where we can work with an actual company (employer partner) and on real data scenarios.

What did you want to get out of Level?

My main goal was to gain knowledge about analytics and its methodologies and required tool set that would help me to land my career in data analytics field.

Did Level help you change your career the way you wanted to?

Level helped me develop critical thinking skills and played a crucial role in my career change towards my interest in analytics. My capstone employer partner, InSite Wireless Inc., offered me a contract role as a Database Architect and Reports Developer. InSite Wireless is a communications company that performs a strategic competitive analysis for every tower site they own, build and acquire.

Tell us more about your capstone project with InSite

The analysis uses public as well as proprietary data as an input to the process of evaluating the attractiveness of each tower relative to potential competing towers. The public data is downloaded every week manually from Universal Licensing System (ULS) databases provided by the Federal Communications Commission.

The main purpose of the project is to automate the process of downloading files from ULS and to set up a database internally to load all these files and make the license, market, and antenna data available for InSite and to create a dashboard that searches for licenses of every tower per state/county.

How did working on your capstone help InSite?

The automated process that I delivered helped the company to download the required files from ULS without any human intervention. Created license, market, spectrum database schemas, tables, and automated the process of loading these tables with respective downloaded files.

I provided a dashboard using Tableau that allows InSite employers to search tower licenses in each state and county and to know their competitors in the market.

What did you gain from working with them on the capstone?

It was a great opportunity to work with InSite. They were impressed with my deliverable as part of my capstone and immediately offered me a contract role as a Database Architect and Report Developer.

I received the offer the day I graduated from Level Analytics. I’m thankful to Level in every aspect of my success.

Level Graduate Manu KarnatiWhat’s next for you?

After graduating from Level, I’m more fascinated with data analytics/data science and planning to enroll for MS in Data Science. With the skills gained from Level, I’m planning to participate in Kaggle competitions.

As a Level Graduate, what advice do you have for current and future students?

Level bootcamp is very intimidating at first, but at the same time, it’s also very challenging and exciting. This takes a lot of time and dedication but it is beneficial in the long run. My advice would be stick with the program and trust the process. I recommend Level Data Analytics Bootcamp to anyone, irrespective of their background.

We wish our recent Level graduate the best of luck with her new job, and we hope you will become the next success story! Read up on another successful recent Level graduate, Hannah Jacobs.



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