I recently got to connect with Hannah Jacobs, a Level alum of the Data Analytics Boston Hybrid program, about her experience at Level and what she is up to now. Read about Hannah’s new role as an Associate Data Analyst at comScore and how she landed such an amazing role in this week’s student success story.

Why did you decide to enroll in Level?

After being at the same job for five years, I was feeling stuck in a career with no opportunities for growth. I had studied mathematics in college, so began looking into careers in the STEM field that had growth opportunities. The data analytics field kept coming up, and after researching it, I decided it was the right career change for me. I spent awhile applying to jobs on just my math background, but wasn’t having any luck, so started to research bootcamp-style programs that would give me some experience in the field.

I chose to enroll in Level for a few different reasons. I really liked that I could choose a part-time program that allowed me to continue working full-time, but still had a curriculum comparable to that of a full-time program. Most of the part-time programs I researched had a much smaller curriculum than full-time programs. Second, the opportunity to work on a real data analytics problem with an actual company was extremely appealing. My final reason for enrolling in Level was that I would be participating in a program with the Northeastern name attached to it, which I felt lent more credibility to the program than others.

What goals did you want to achieve through Level?

My main goal was to gain the tools and experience that would enable me to get a job in the data analytics field. This included becoming proficient in SQL and R, gaining a solid understanding of data analytics methodologies, and having case examples that I could draw from during job interviews.

What was your favorite part of Level?

My favorite part of Level was the capstone project. I got to partner with a company that interested me and was able to gauge how well I could apply my skills in a setting with less guidance than the xCases.

What happened after graduation and how did you find that opportunity?
Shortly after graduation, I started in my role as an associate data analyst at comScore, a leading cross-platform measurement company that precisely measures audiences, brands and consumer behavior globally. I found the opportunity through the Level Community channel on Slack. A student from the Level Set program posted the job opening on behalf of her friend the day before graduation. After getting in contact with this friend and interviewing at the company, I was offered the role two weeks to the day after graduation.

How did Level help achieve the goals you set out to accomplish?

Level was essential in me achieving my goal of switching careers, especially since I got my new job through the Level community! Additionally, during my interview process at comScore, I answered almost every question using examples and experiences from the Level program. Compared to my interviews from before Level, I was much more confident and knowledgeable.

What advice would you give to current students?

My advice would be to trust in the process. The Level experience can feel a bit overwhelming at times, but in the end, it’s all worth it. The amount of knowledge you have at the end of the program will be vital for your future as a data analyst!


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