A Level portfolio hosting your data analytics projects helps you develop the tangible experience with analytics needed to tackle job interviews, by showcasing real-world applications of your work. Your portfolio culminates with your capstone project, involving the core skills and tools covered in the program. This project allows you to make invaluable connections as you consult, scope, execute and present a solution to a business problem your employer partner is facing.

The capstone also presents an opportunity for you to work hands-on with a real data set provided by a real company in a 1:1 capacity. In the past, students have worked with employers including MITx, Citizens Bank, Humana, Wayfair and more. Some of our partners even publish our students work, hire and continue to consult with them post-level.

Choosing your Project to Fit your Goals

Designed to help you meet your career goals, you have the opportunity to work with a wide range of companies in many industries, all facing unique challenges. You are given a list of descriptions from our capstone partners, and the flexibility to choose based the industry and data analytics project that interests you most, the tools you’d like to use, etc. The names of the partners are omitted at first to help you tailor your choice based on the project you would like to develop for your portfolio and the skills you’d like to hone.

How it Works

Once you select your project, you are put in touch with your partner via email. From there, you work out a communication schedule to scope, consult on and execute the project. At the end of the course, Level hosts a capstone presentation day, to which students have chosen to invite their partners.

If your current employer is interested in having you scope a capstone project with them, this is another option you can take advantage of. Working on a capstone for your employer is also a great selling point if they are considering funding the course for you.

Skills Covered

  • Data extraction
  • Data cleansing
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Visualization
  • Statistical Analysis

Tools Used

  • SQL
  • R
  • Tableau
  • Excel
  • Powerpoint
  • Machine Learning

Students are also able to choose data analytics projects that incorporate tools they are interested in, but may not be covered in the core curriculum, into their capstone projects. Python is one example.

Example Industries & Data Analytics Projects

Here are a few examples of the industries and project descriptions for capstones you could complete with Level:

Banking Industry Partner

The capstone partner wanted to understand how they could design dashboards that creatively displayed data for operational manager’s needs. The Level student created Tableau dashboards containing information and analytics related to recruiting and trends in the workforce. The dashboards focused on bringing actionable metrics and information to light, that would allow managers and operational analysts to easily gain insight to relevant information.

Biopharmaceuticals Industry Partner

The capstone partner wanted to evaluate and visualize variances between times of Valid Blood Pressure Readings in an mHealth Trial. They wanted to understand the time frames and variances at which the data was recorded, and evaluate factors/opinions for each patient that may have been statistically impacting compliance.

E-Commerce Industry Partner

Given a set of brands a customer has purchased, the capstone partner wanted to find a way to identify a brand the customer would be likely to purchase, given other customers’ behaviors. The Level student created an algorithm that recommended a new brand to a customer based on previous brands purchased, and then analyzed the collection of brands other customers have purchased and the success rate of those new transactions.”

Healthcare Industry Partner

The capstone partner believed they needed a fundamentally different approach to change the dynamic with diabetes, slow the rise of the epidemic and bring down costs. They provided a cellularly enabled glucose meter for managing diabetes to help members maintain good health and make it easier to live with diabetes. The Level student used data to determine which members the partner should target for three interventions, related to weight loss, oral medication use and increased BG testing.

Employers are looking for tangible experience that showcases your ability to apply the hard skills you’ve learned. Level is now enrolling for Data Analytics courses this fall in Boston Seattle, and across the east and west coasts in our new virtual classroom settings. Click here to learn more and apply today! 

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