The Internet of Things is one of the most lucrative fields that companies across the globe are looking to launch into, and as such, IoT careers are fast growing. In fact, Business Intelligence estimates that 82% of companies worldwide will have IoT applications implemented into their business in some way in the next 2 years. This means they will need qualified employees to run and analyze those initiatives, including more developers, data and security professionals, and support staff.

However, Cisco notes that currently only .06% of things that could be connected to the internet actually are, even though 94% of businesses have seen a return on their IoT investments. So where does the discrepancy lie? While companies are seeking to launch IoT initiatives, the blocker is not in cost or security, but in lack of employees with technical skills needed to get the job done. This includes experience with programming languages, code and the ability to take an iterative approach to work. Because these skills are high demand and short supply, IoT jobs boast impressive salaries. Here are a few based on the 2017 Robert Half Technology Salary Guide:

C-Level Executives

Chief Information Officer

Salary: $175,000 – $280,000

CIOs have some of the most in demand skillsets, and thus earn hefty salaries. Using hard skills like coding, architecting and frameworking, CIOs can make sense of vast amounts of data gathered by IoT applications.

Chief Technology Officer

Salary: $140,000 – $240,000

CTOs play a central role in solving for new technology initiatives in the IoT space. IoT CTOs have an understanding of full-stack development and custom hardware, the combination of which makes them invaluable to any company.

Chief Security Officers also bring in salaries between $145,000 – $238,000.

Data Professionals

Data Engineer

Salary: $135,000 – $196,000

Big Data Engineers are like a mix of Data Scientists and Engineers, making their skillset top-notch. IoT Data Engineers with skills in data modeling, architecting, REST APIs, programming languages and scripting, to name a few, can earn salaries on the same level as c-suite executives.

Data Architect

Salary: $131,250 – $184,000

Data Architects boast analysis skills with techniques like machine learning and data mining while working with a variety of analysis tools (think, Hadoop, R, Apache). These high demand skills mean higher paying job opportunities. Data Scientists: $116 – $163,500, Database Admins: $98,500 – $148,500,

Business Intelligence Analysts: $118,000 – $171,750

Network & Security

Network Architect

Salary: $125,000 – $183,000
Network architects work closely with CTOs to design scalable and secure data communications networks. San Francisco has one of the most lucrative markets for IoT careers in this position.

Wireless Network Engineer: $113,250 – $158,000, Data Security Analyst: $118,250 – $169,000, Network Security Engineer: $115,500 – $162,500


Applications Engineer

Salary: $124,500 – $178,750

Positions for applications engineers and architects demand skill sets including software development, programming and more to ensure IoT applications are manageable, scalable and available.

Product Manager: $127,000 – $138,000 Software Engineer: $108,250 – $164,500, Systems Analyst: $86,250 – $127,000, Mobile Developer: $118,750 – $182,250, Software Developer: $93,000 – $155,000, Project Manager: $97,250 – $151,750

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