Level Bootcamps are perfect for those relatively new to data analytics, but what if you discover a passion for data analysis? Northeastern has you covered with our recently launched Master’s of Professional Studies in Analytics. This program will build on the foundational knowledge and skills gained in Level Bootcamp providing you with an end-to-end analytics education.

Here are 3 reasons Level Data Analytics loves the MPSA:

  1. Level alums that graduate with an 85 or higher are eligible will receive direct admission into the program. Along with being directly admitted, you will be able to waive up to 4 courses based on the coursework you mastered in Level Bootcamp.
  2. All other Level alumni qualify for the Double Husky Scholarship to help finance your graduate education by offering a 25% discount on tuition.
  3. Analytic skills can augment the skills you have to increase your salary by up to 140%. What’s not to love about that?

We’re thrilled that Level Bootcamp will not only help you launch a career in data analytics, but could be the first step on your journey to earning a Master’s degree.


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