We all make resolutions, sometimes we keep them, at times we don’t. If your New Year’s resolution is joining a bootcamp, keep it! Bootcamps are a huge time/money commitment, and you’re not sure of the outcomes. If you think you are not guaranteed a happy ending, as a member of the second cohort of Startup Institute Boston and a Marketing Director here at Level Education, I can give you some pointers on how a bootcamp can help you enhance your career.

Before you start:

Find a bootcamp focused on your career

Not everyone gets a job straight out of a bootcamp. With the this space relatively large, you’ll want to find a bootcamp that helps you learn hard and soft skills.

One of the things I am proud about at Level is our ability to tap into Northeastern University’s Career Services team. The Career Services team helps with resume writing, interview and salary negotiation techniques as well as career placement.

Look at former students

Former students are a good indication of what you have in store for you. There are bootcamp reviews such as Switchup, which provide valuable feedback from former students. You can also look for testimonials and “Where are they now” posts that can be found on a bootcamp’s website and blog. Also, don’t be afraid to reach out to former students via LinkedIn or email.

While you are there:

Network, Network, and then Network some more

Bootcamps offer you all sorts of chances to network. From guest speakers, TA’s, bootcamp staff and your classmates, you’ll meet a lot of people. Those people will help you open up many doors if you ask. My first post-bootcamp job was through meeting the Director of Product for coffee after listening to his presentation during class. My current job at Level came about when the Founder asked a former employee of his for a reference on someone to lead the marketing team. This former employee happened to be my classmate from Startup Institute. See how it all works out?!

Post Graduation:

Keep in touch!

Don’t lose touch post-graduation. Your bootcamp provides a great opportunity for expanding your professional community, and it’s always good to use those social networks as a way to remain in contact with the people you meet during your experience, as well as outreach to other alumni. LinkedIn is the best start to keeping up with your peer’s career goals and for reaching out for when you need help achieving your career milestones.

With 63% of bootcamp graduates seeing an average of a $22k raise bump, it’s a no-brainer to join a bootcamp. Just remember to find a place that will help you with your career goals, look at former students, network and keep in touch!

If you’re looking to change your career game in 2017, we can help. Check out our course offerings and apply now to chat with a member of our admissions team.

Happy New Year!

This post originally appeared on Switchup’s blog and can be found here


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