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Use the term “cloud” in a simple full-time jobs search today on and you’ll receive just north of 4,800 results. Of these Amazon Web Services (AWS) is leading the top five with well over twice as many openings as second place Microsoft.

Not coincidental that AWS and Azure are the two leaders in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Cloud Services, as these Seattle area tech giants lead the marketplace by a wide margin. Rounding out the top companies seeking “cloud” talent are Oracle, Huawei (finally breaking into the US), Nordstrom, Concur and Google.

Compared to a broad search of all open full-time positions within a 25-mile radius of Seattle, cloud-oriented openings account for almost 14% of all of the advertised jobs on

While isn’t the only job listing search engine, it is at least representative of the marketplace, and industry research expects this trend to continue with “worldwide spending on public cloud services to grow at a 19.4% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from nearly $70B in 2015 to more than $141B in 2019.”

It’s clear that cloud services and, in particular, AWS cloud skills are and will continue to be in demand.

With this in mind, Northeastern University-Seattle has expanded its Level Bootcamp offerings this Fall introducing a new a program to teach the core skills necessary to land a position in the public cloud services market: Level AWS: Foundations of Cloud Computing.

Many might think skilling up on AWS is just a matter of time on the job or dedicated evenings of study, however, with over 55 services, developing deep knowledge that will separate a candidate from the many potential applicants requires a more structured approach. (Microsoft Azure has a similar plethora of services at 90, equally requiring a dedicated approach to mastering its offerings.)

With an investment in a 6-week program in AWS Cloud Services, a student can expect to rise to the top of the application pool after obtaining their AWS Solutions Architect – Associate certificate.  For those interested in the many companies in the Seattle area who are users of AWS technology, the certificate offers demonstrable proof to hiring companies that the candidate has a known level of training and demonstrated expertise. It also adds value to salary negotiations with Solutions Architect-Associate certificate holders earning a mean salary of $114,935, according to the 2015 IT Salary Report.

Covering Business Essentials, Technical Essentials, Architecting on AWS and Exam Preparation, the course features a curriculum designed by Amazon Web Services. To learn more and register today, please visit

AWS Enrollment


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