marketing analytics Level TalkLast night we had the pleasure of hosting our first marketing analytics events in Boston at WeWork Fort Point. Our packed audience got to hear thoughts on the marketing analytics landscape from industry veterans such as SapientNitro’s Charlotte Jackson, Oracle’s Sophie Desouza, MarketSearch’s David Honig and Monotype’s Vivek Vadakkuppattu.

In case you missed it, here are three key takeaways for those looking to dive into the analytical space of marketing:

Data is becoming a necessary marketing skill-set
As David Honig pointed out, what hiring managers look for in more senior level roles today are completely different than what they looked at for skill-sets ten years ago. Data is becoming more prevalent in the modern marketer’s life. Which brings us to another great takeaway…

Keep on top of the Latest Trends
There are many platforms out there. As Sophie Desouza articulated, every company uses different systems. What works for a start-up may not be the best fit for an enterprise. Take a step back and master concepts such as analytics, social media, email marketing and marketing automation. Hiring managers will want to know you understand principles. As you can see from this infographic, Vivek Vadakkuppattu talked about during the panel discussion — the marketing platform landscape is huge!

The Marketing Analytics Landscape

Master your Presentation Skills
Charlotte Jackson expressed the importance of honing your presentation skills and making data actionable, especially in front of those who don’t look at data regularly. You will want to take the data you have and break it down so that any audience can easily understand what is being presented. If you are stumped on how to do this, Google Co-founder, Avinash Kaushik wrote an excellent article filled with tips to get you going.

Bringing it all together, the biggest takeaway of the night is never stop learning!



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