Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 10.11.26 AMOn her application to Level, Devin wrote: “While I already have some programming knowledge and experience as a marketing analyst, I haven’t completed any projects which combined these skills in real world applications. Level seems like a great opportunity where I can brush up on the skills I already have and continue learning about data analytics while creating a great portfolio to present to potential employers.”

Devin is now a graduate of the Level program, and here is her update on what she’s doing today:

Where I am Now

Five months after graduating from Level, I’m currently working full-time as a data analyst in the healthcare industry. Over the summer, I completed an internship with Burning Glass Technologies, a real-time job market analytics company, where I was analyzing labor market data using tools like SQL, R, and Python.

How Level Helped me Get There

Over the past 8 months I have been able to successfully transition into a career in data analytics, and Level provided me with the skills and networking opportunities to make this change happen.

Having a Level certificate in data analytics has made my job search much easier by proving to employers that I have strong data analysis skills. My current full-time employer actually mentioned being familiar with the Level program during the interview process. Level has jump started my career in data analytics and provided me with a great foundation of skills that I will continue to develop.

Where I’m going

I plan to continue developing my skills using R and Python. In my internship I created a RShiny app, and I would like to be able to contribute to RStudio by developing a package. I have specific interests in automating processes, predictive analytics, and data science and would love to continue to learn more about these topics.


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