Collette is the Marketing Analytics Manager at DoubleVerify, the recognized market innovator with the technology and tools that accurately authenticate the quality of digital media and drive ad performance for the world’s largest brands. DV works in the digital advertising ecosystem, empowering media agencies, top brands, publishers, networks, and advertising platforms to maximize impact of their advertising dollars. They’re headquartered in New York City, where Collette lives. She’s tasked with leading client reporting, client-facing analysis and case studies, among other things.

7:45am I wake up to a few emails. Most of them are industry news publications (such as MediaPost and AdExchanger newsletters) and I catch up on my Facebooking, Linkedining, and New York Timesing before the day begins. I know I won’t have much time for it later.

9:30am I arrive at the office after a meditative 25 minute commute on the A train with a stranger’s arm 5 inches from my face. I help myself to a banana from the kitchen and somehow carry that, a cup of coffee and my full water bottle back to my desk. First thing’s first: I review the task list I put together at the end of yesterday before I left the office. Staying organized with tasks and deadlines is of utmost importance in this crazy industry.

10:15am I spend some time catching up with Rachel, who sits across from me. Rachel’s our Senior Director of Marketing so, as you can imagine, we talk all day. Usually about work, I promise.

10:45am One of the Product Managers pops by my desk to review a few new metric names with me to gut-check if they are intuitive. Having an agency (read: client) background means my opinion can be valuable for the weirdest things around here.

11:30am I check our internal dashboard that records hourly results of one of our product updates coming out. One of my jobs is to put together client-facing metrics that accompany announcements, PR stories and sales presentations. I start to craft the story that we want to tell with Rachel. We brainstorm whether it’s better to say something is “100% higher” or “double” for a solid five minutes. (“Double” wins).

12:00pm I receive the best email of the day: LUNCH IS HERE! I head downstairs to our communal area where our lovely Office Manager and HR Director have set up an awesome spread for us. Today is taco day. I find myself in line with one of the members of the visualization team, who quickly asks me if I have some time to chat about some new features the team is planning on rolling out. Someone on my team offers me a beer from the keg, but it’s an IPA this week, and I’m not really feelin’ it.


12:45pm I review a Quarterly Business Report for one of our top clients. The sales team has a meeting on the books for tomorrow, and I’m traveling with them to help present our most recent results and review opportunities for further success with them. We will also discuss the best way to incorporate Authentic ImpressionsTM into their attribution model. I really enjoy client-facing conversations and I’m starting to get excited for tomorrow.

2:00pm Wayne, our CEO, calls me into his office. He’s putting together a presentation for an event that he’s speaking at, and he needs updated stats on trends in the industry. I quickly pull some cross-client data from our database, combine this with industry stats, and put the findings into laymen’s terms for him to incorporate into his story.

3:25pm I get an email from a client regarding the most recent mobile in-app viewability benchmarks for CPG in the UK. Random ad-hoc requests like this fall on my desk all day long. I take a look at some previous analyses I’ve done to find something I can leverage and start a response to the client.

4:10pm I put together an ROI analysis for a client of ours using pre-bid avoidance targeting. Fraud was a huge issue on their programmatic advertising campaigns, eating into their bottom line. I’ve calculated that in just two weeks, they’ve saved over $15,000 in net media spend by using this solution on one campaign. My favorite part of my job is showcasing how AWESOME our products are. Analytics is much easier and more fun when you get to deliver good news.

5:45pm As I realize people have started heading out, I review my task list and calendar for tomorrow and note that I’m going to be out for a significant chunk of time at the client’s office, so I plan my day accordingly.

6:00pm My former manager sends me an AIM message asking if I’m down for a beer. Yes, I use AIM. No, I don’t think it’s still 2004. We meet for a drink at our favorite bar, which is exactly halfway between our offices. $5 Yeunglings are pretty great in Midtown Manhattan. We discuss some personal stuff, some Game of Thrones… and then we have a 20 minute conversation about the newest IAB updates to mobile viewability, which impact both our clients.

7:30pm I get home, and I’m exhausted. I take off my shoes, put my feet up and binge on Orange Is the New Black. While relaxing, I open my laptop to leisurely check in on upcoming IAB, DAA and AWNY events and sign up for an AWNY happy hour in a couple of weeks. After dinner, it’s off to bed early, but first I need to make sure I’m ready for my day at the client tomorrow. Outfit: check. Laptop: check. Charger: check. Train ticket: check. Awesome presentation about how to drive our client’s business forward: check.


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