What is an infographic?
An infographic is a visual tool that combines a series of data and imagery on a particular topic using a particular color scheme.

Why are infographics so powerful?
An infographic is 30x more likely to be seen and retained than a text article (source: Search Engine Journal)

Translating statistics into visuals helps non-technical audiences understand the story the data is conveying, and the conclusions the analyst is presenting

Not only are infographics easy to read and be retained by the reader, they are more likely to be shared on social media (source: KISSmetrics)


How do you create an infographic?
Write Your StoryBefore you put “pen to paper,” determine the conclusions you want to convey visually. What is the most important thing for your target audience to take away from your analysis? Once you make that determination, think about the most appealing way to visualize the data. Also pick your theme and color scheme.

Organize Your Data: You might have the all the data from your original analysis, but it’s recommended to create a smaller data set just for your infographic. It will be easier to work with a clean, contained data set with only relevant columns and rows. Also, make sure it’s formatted as numbers, and remove any remaining formulas you might have.

Build Your Infographic: No worries if you aren’t an artist! There are many free and nominal fee templates available online:



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