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Any department, from any organization, can benefit tremendously from consulting a data analyst or scientist. So what do data analysts and data scientists do? They can come up with all kinds of valuable insights regarding anything, from identifying key-markers for potential sales growth, to pinpointing the exact temperature to set a thermostat. In short, they are modern-day priests, and data is their holy scripture, and I will say that my bootcamp experience was successful in ordaining me.

Without further ado, here are my top tips for how to add data analytics to your skill set.

On learning by doing:
I thought I had mastered probability since I took two classes on it in college. But working with experimental results in Excel, R and Tableau made things like Bayes’ Theorem and type I & II errors really make sense to me, in ways they had never before.

On soft skills:
Every other week during the Level course, we were given a project that we were told to give a presentation on. Some were individually based, and some were in groups. This, and other exercises we participated in, helped me in learning soft skills that will definitely come in handy throughout my career. Getting up and speaking in front of people was not a new experience for me, but interpreting an analysis of data to a live audience was.

On presenting a project:
For my capstone project, I worked with a large market research organization. Because I signed an NDA, I must keep certain aspects of my project a secret, but I will tell you that it had to do with survey data. This gave me a chance to practice manipulating a large data set, and visualizing what trends I could find in it that I thought were insightful. Putting a presentation together pulls together many skills that you really need feedback in order to work on, so practicing them in the field is crucial.

On classmates:
I loved the feeling of solidarity that Level fostered between me and my classmates, and believe that it made it easier for me to learn the material. Maybe I got lucky, because my cohort at Level was fantastic, but I am sure that any group can find will provide you with at least some moral support to gain strength from.

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