Dr. Cheryl Richards, the CEO of Northeastern University-Charlotte and Charlotte’s 2014 Woman of the Year, spoke to a crowd at Skookum for a Tech Talk about data analytics. Here are some excerpts on analytics in business and how it pertains to Charlotte.

On data analytics in business:
CEO’s are looking to improve their business performance and work smarter. They want insights into their existing consumer base and potential new markets, they want insights on how people are using websites so they can drive new keyword searches and marketing buys. They are looking at behavioral patterns, and they know they are going to use data analytics in some way, shape, or form. 

On demand across industries:
96% of companies believe that this will become more important in their organization in the next three years. Job opportunities aren’t limited to one particular industry, but are rather industry agnostic, meaning all industries use analytics. Banking, technology, manufacturing, engineering, consumer products, and healthcare are becoming more driven through analytics. All these industries are prevalent in Charlotte right now

On types of roles:
The most common roles in analytics will have analyst in the title, like Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Marketing Analyst, Financial Analyst, and Pre-Sales Analyst. However, there are also some like Consultant and Director of Marketing where you won’t find the world analyst anywhere in the title. 

On data analytics education:
If you don’t want to go back for a Masters degree, what other options exist? Not many universities have started to respond to these trends in a flexible way. Northeastern, one of the top-50 universities in the country, is responding by offering a two-month bootcamp in this high-demand area. Level is a quick way to learn some of the critical skill sets and knowledge necessary to compete and excel in these areas.

You can watch the full Tech Talk on Youtube, and follow Cheryl on Twitter to learn more.