An integral part of the Level student experience is completing a 1:1 capstone project with an employer partner, and students in Level’s first cohort worked hard using data to help solve specific business problems for companies like MITx, and Rue La La.

David MacEachern was paired on a project with Ellevation Education, a fast-growing education software company that has developed a suite of web-based tools for educators working with English Language Learners (ELL) to help enhance instruction, improve collaboration, and increase productivity.

David used Excel and R to collect data on how much time different English Language Learners spend in their respective programs across the country, assess how that data varies across many different US public school districts and identify common features and key characteristics. Ellevation was impressed enough to create a full-time analyst role for David, and he now uses those skills every day.

“Today was my first day working full time for Ellevation Education as a Data Analyst. It’s a great opportunity and I’m very excited about working with them.  It’s a great feeling to have Level pay off this quickly!”