Level’s second cohort of students launched yesterday in all four Northeastern campuses across the country: Boston, Charlotte, Seattle and Silicon Valley.

Students from a wide variety of backgrounds began their Level journey with intros, breakfast and the obligatory software checks. They were guided by an equally diverse group of lecturers.  After a tour of their respective campuses and a break for lunch students dived into their first lab focused on Excel.

At the end of the day, the students were treated to panels of industry experts and leaders for insight into the burgeoning market for data analysts and the industry as a whole. Senior Data Science Manager at Boston’s Enernoc Angela Bassa spoke in detail about Enernoc’s data-driven teams, Charlotte’s Colby Ford of Mariner gave insight into the day to day of being a data scientist while Seattle’s Jim Knapnik shared his experience with cutting edge data science. Finally, Christopher Gutierrez, Chief Data Scientist at 6sense, gave insight into the hiring process for data analysts at his firm. 

This cohort of Level students joins a fast-growing group of bootcamp graduates who are on the cutting-edge of the graduate education revolution. We can’t wait for this cohort to progress, and judging by Day 1 it is going to be great.