We’re glad you want to invest in your education and career by developing your analytical skills with Level, and we understand that the cost of the program is an investment. Financial aid is available through private lenders that are not affiliated with Northeastern University. A variety of private lenders offer loan packages specifically for bootcamp programs, such as MPOWER Financing, Climb Credit and Earnest.

Bootcamp programs do not yet qualify for federal financial aid, but according to The Chronicle for Higher Education, the United States Department of Education is encouraged by “the exciting work” being done on some campuses like Northeastern University.

There are a variety of easily accessible third party websites and resources which list lenders that offer bootcamp loans, as well as the benefits offered by different lenders and their borrower eligibility requirements (domestic vs. international student; credit requirements). International students should be careful to select a lender that has stated it is able to offer loans to them.

You can find third party websites and resources that describe available bootcamp lenders by conducting an internet search for ‘bootcamp loans’ or ‘bootcamp lenders’. While some lenders are described as providing loans for coding bootcamps, they may also provide loans for bootcamps that cover other subject matters. You are strongly encouraged to research available lenders in order to choose a loan product that best suits your needs.

We will work with any qualified lender that a student chooses. If you have questions after selecting a particular lender, please contact your enrollment coach.