**As of January 2019, capstone projects at Level are no longer industry-partnered. Students now pursue a self-designed project using real, publicly available data that’s tailored to their field and the skills or an area of interest they want to emphasize.**

Level, developed by Northeastern University New Ventures, is a data analytics accelerator designed to equip professionals with the skills in analytics that employers are looking for. The intensive two-month program not only prepares candidates for success in an increasingly data-driven world, but serves as a solution for top employers to find talent that knows how to understand, analyze, and contextualize data, and use it to tell a compelling story.

Demand for the data analyst skill set is growing exponentially as the onset of technology in every industry has provided us with more data than we can consume. The number of job openings including the phrase ‘data analytics’ has increased a staggering 372% since 2011, and companies have embraced hiring Level graduates as a way to ensure that employees truly fit the job description. Ryan HaydenDirector of Healthcare Business Intelligence and Data Analytics at KPMG, one of the largest professional services companies in the world, says: “Data is everywhere. Every business needs skilled people who know how to manage data projects and have experience getting their hands dirty with the data. I am consistently looking for what I call ‘translators’ who can help the business, their customers, and their internal organizations better understand the opportunities for improvement from better data & analytics.

The class composition is a blend of career-oriented instruction and experiential learning. Leveraging Northeastern’s expertise from its renowned co-op program, each student will work on authentic projects with industry leaders such as Care.com, MITx and Humana. Level retains the rigorous academic quality of Northeastern University and uses a selective application process to ensure student success. Level was designed from the ground up to help professionals level up their careers by adding analysis and data visualization skills, and tools including Excel, SQL, R, and Tableau, to their professional toolboxes. A Level applicant said: “I have solid academic credentials from a good university, but so do many other candidates. A proven grasp on data analytics would put me ahead of my cohorts and help me secure the job that I want.”

Level is currently running in Boston, Seattle, Charlotte, and Silicon Valley, and is now enrolling for June cohorts in the four cities. Prospective students and employers alike can visit the Level website to inquire about participating in our inaugural program.