Teaching Tips

Each Teaching Tip briefly presents a strategy that can be incorporated into your class to improve student learning, along with the research that supports it. Click on the links below to view each tip, or search for keywords in the search box below.

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Teaching TipTheme
Active LearningActive/Experiential Learning
Advancing Student Learning with ePortfoliosOnline
Aligning Course Learning OutcomesTeaching Essentials
Approaches to Effective Group WorkTeaching Essentials
Building Knowledge Through TransferActive/Experiential Learning
In-Class Activities for Deeper LearningActive/Experiential Learning
Using Concept Mapping to Make Students’ Prior Knowledge VisibleTeaching Essentials
Course (Re)DesignTeaching Essentials
Creating a Course Climate that Enhances Learning
Communication/Course Climate
Creating Outcomes that Guide LearningAssessment/Rubrics
Critical ThinkingTeaching Essentials
Culturally Inclusive Teaching StrategiesDiversity/Inclusivity
Cumulative Final ExamsAssessment/Rubrics
Current Events in the ClassroomCommunication/Course Climate
Deepening Conceptual Understanding through Writing-to-LearnTeaching Essentials
Demonstrating Teaching Effectiveness Beyond TRACE ScoresAssessment/Rubrics
Designing Effective In-Class Group Activities
Active/Experiential Learning
Developing a Learner-Center SyllabusTeaching Essentials
Developing RubricsAssessment/Rubrics
Effective In-Class DemonstrationsTeaching Essentials
Effective Classroom DiscussionsTeaching Essentials
Enhancing Students’ Study Strategies
Teaching Essentials
Envisioning Online TeachingOnline
Evidence-Based TeachingTeaching Essentials
Facilitating Discussions Face-to-Face and OnlineTeaching Essentials
Fostering Intellectual Agility and Transfer through Mindfulness in the Classroom
Teaching Essentials
Fostering A Positive Mindset to Reduce Test Anxiety and Increase LearningCommunication/Course Climate
Gamification of LearningActive/Experiential Learning
Gauge Your Students’ Knowledge of Course Content and Calibrate Your InstructionTeaching Essentials
Giving Your Students the "Big Picture"Teaching Essentials
Why Handwritten Notes Improve RetentionTeaching Essentials
Helping STEM Students Improve Their WritingSTEM
Hybrid Course DesignTeaching Essentials
The Importance of Learning Your Students' NamesCommunication/Course Climate
Incorporating Contemplative Practices into ClassCommunication/Course Climate
Incorporating Students’ Experiential Learning into ClassActive/Experiential Learning
Instructor-Student Rapport Leads to Positive Learning OutcomesCommunication/Course Climate
Interacting with Your Students OnlineOnline
Interleaved Studying Increases Students’ Retention of InformationTeaching Essentials
Leveraging the First Day of ClassCommunication/Course Climate
Leveraging Multimedia for LearningTeaching Technology
A Metacognitive Approach to TeachingTeaching Essentials
Midterm Course EvaluationAssessment/Rubrics
Motivating Online StudentsOnline
Peer Review Is Improved By Providing Guidance to Students on How to Give FeedbackCommunication/Course Climate
Pop QuizzesTeaching Essentials
Problem- and Project-Based LearningActive/Experiential Learning
Re-envisioning LecturesTeaching Essentials
Reflect on the Learning Environments You CreateReflection
Reflecting on the Last Day of ClassReflection
Student Feedback TeamsAssessment/Rubrics
Students As Makers: Renewable AssignmentsActive/Experiential Learning
Having Students Work With ExemplarsTeaching Essentials
Supporting Student Responsibility
Teaching Essentials
Teaching Amidst Class CancellationsTeaching Essentials
Teaching Philosophies that Encourage ReflectionReflection
Teaching Summer and Condensed CoursesTeaching Essentials
"Being There" in Online CoursesOnline
Crafting Effective Feedback for StudentsAssessment/Rubrics
Flipping the ClassroomActive/Experiential Learning
Promoting Intercultural Competence in ClassDiversity/Inclusivity
Integrating ReflectionReflection
Teaching with ArtifactsTeaching Technology
Utilizing Team-Based LearningTeaching Essentials
Toward Inclusive Classrooms: Checking and Addressing Our Implicit BiasesDiversity/Inclusivity
Two-Stage Collaborative ExamsAssessment/Rubrics
Using Assessments to Enhance LearningAssessment/Rubrics
Using Clickers and Polling in ClassroomsTeaching Technology
Using Exams to Improve Students' Study StrategiesTeaching Essentials
Using Learning Analytics for LearningTeaching Essentials
Using Pausing to Promote LearningTeaching Essentials
Using Questions to Enhance LearningTeaching Essentials
Using Rubrics for Formative AssessmentAssessment/Rubrics
Using Rubrics for Efficient and Effective Assessment of Student LearningAssessment/Rubrics
Using Students' Prior Knowledge and Experience to Enhance MotivationTeaching Essentials
Utilizing Emails to Increase Student Motivation and PerformanceCommunication/Course Climate
Writing to Connect in Online TeachingOnline