Faculty Liaison Network

The Center for Advancing Teaching and Learning Through Research (CATLR) is excited to announce the launch of its Faculty Liaison Network. This network brings together selected Faculty Liaisons (FLs) from departments across Northeastern to share ideas, needs, and resources for faculty. Faculty Liasions serve a crucial role in supporting their colleagues as educators—both by sharing information with their fellow faculty about CATLR opportunities and resources, and by sharing information with CATLR about their colleagues’ needs and interests. In addition to the Faculty Liaison Network, CATLR also launched a Graduate Student Liaison Network.

Meet the 2017-2018 Faculty Liaisons

What do FLs do?

FLs’ responsibilities are not time-intensive, but they are crucial to supporting faculty at Northeastern. These responsibilities include:

    • Attending a networking lunch each semester. During these lunches, FLs connect with each other, share ideas for and give feedback on new CATLR initiatives for supporting faculty, and strategize about ways to connect with their departmental peers.
    • Communicating with departmental peers. FLs communicate with their departmental peers in two ways: (1) sharing information about CATLR opportunities and resources and (2) collecting information about their peers’ needs and interests related to teaching.

Other opportunities to connect with FLs and other faculty across campus will also be available (and optional), and we welcome your ideas for how we can help facilitate these connections.

Why should I serve as a Faculty Liaison?

Serving as a FL offers a variety of benefits, including:

  • Connecting with colleagues in and beyond your own department
  • Developing professional skills in leadership and communication
  • Gaining service experience in academia
  • Supporting excellent teaching at Northeastern

Although serving as a FL is not a paid position, it offers a unique opportunity to enhance professional and academic skills while networking with an interdisciplinary cohort of colleagues.

For more information about the role of a Faculty Liaison and how to apply,  please contact learningresearch@northeastern.edu