Course Design

I came to the Center in the middle of the semester, and they helped me to better structure my running course, which resulted in better student learning and higher evaluations. Even more, the consulting helped me understand some things about teaching that I never thought about before.

Northeastern faculty member

Whether you are beginning development of a new course or want to consider evolving the design of an existing course, a CATLR consultant can help you consider your course design and ground it in research-based principles of learning. We can help you articulate measurable learning outcomes, devise assessment activities to measure student accomplishment, and design strategies for practice and feedback to help students meet your objectives. In addition, we can help you think about how to structure and sequence course topics to reinforce the underlying structure of the knowledge and help students achieve mastery.

If you are not interested in engaging in a full course development effort, your CATLR consultant can work with you on a more granular level, for instance:

  • designing or redesigning your approach to teaching content that you have trouble communicating or that students struggle with;
  • integrating active learning strategies into a primarily lecture-based course;
  • generating ways to turn passive assignments into ones that promote active engagement by your students;
  • reviewing grading methods and policies;
  • integrating students’ experiential learning, such as co-op and service learning, into academic courses.

We are happy to consult with small groups of faculty who want to collaborate on course development.