Research Collaborations

All CATLR programs and services are grounded in the learning science research literature, with the premise that effective teaching and learning practice is both informed by, and has the capacity to contribute to, this rapidly-growing field of knowledge. CATLR learning scientists actively conduct and publish research, and welcome the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues across the disciplines. We also encourage faculty to adopt a spirit of inquiry in their own teaching and to conduct Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) work on their own classes and programs.

CATLR learning scientists support the research and grant-application process around a wide variety of themes. Our role in that process can take the form of consultations (in the case of both research projects and grants), program participation (in the case of research and teaching and learning publications), and collaboration (in the cases of grants, research projects, and teaching and learning publications).


If faculty are applying for grants or preparing a research project in which CATLR learning scientists will NOT play a major active role, we are available to consult with faculty in the envisioning stage, and to provide feedback on versions of drafts of the grant or other. Consultations may discuss how to approach and design and educational research project in your class or program, connect with an education grant funder’s mission and goals, or improve the broader impacts plan of a larger grant program.

Program Participation

Faculty who are interested in becoming familiar with the existing literature on teaching and learning to inform their classroom practice are encouraged to consider applying to one of the CATLR Faculty Fellows programs. Faculty who would like to go one step further and conduct their own Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) project may consider applying to the annual CATLR Faculty Scholars program. Finally, faculty who have already conducted a teaching and learning project in their classrooms and would like support to move toward a formal publication of that work are invited to contact us regarding becoming a CATLR Lead Scholars. Consultations are also available to support all of these topics.


CATLR learning scientists maintain active research profiles, and we seek to collaborate across the disciplines to examine the impact, role, and interaction of teaching approaches and learning environments, as well as to understand the value of various forms of faculty development for both faculty and graduate students. If faculty, departments, or units seek a collaborative relationship for a grant or research program in which a CATLR learning scientist will play an active, central role, we encourage them to reach out to us early in the process to establish the scope and expectations of that collaboration to lay the foundation for an effective and productive relationship.

Due to extensive and growing demand for our services, CATLR is not able to conduct programmatic assessment and evaluation for the purpose of grants. We are happy to provide suggestions and feedback on your grant evaluation plan, and to recommend external assessors who can play this role in the process.

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