Faculty Fellows Programs

The Center’s Faculty Fellows Programs are cohort-based opportunities for full-time faculty to engage in ongoing, collegial, community-focused experiences supporting research and implementation of evidence-based teaching practices. Each program offers a 12 or 18 month experience focused on a different topic, and participants will receive a stipend for their successful completion.

The Faculty Fellows programs reflect the University’s strong commitment to a scholarly approach to teaching and learning excellence by bringing together full-time faculty to discuss and apply learning science research to create deeper learning environments for their students.

Each separate Faculty Fellows cohort enables participants to focus their work on aspects of teaching and learning that are most relevant to them: Service-Learning, general Teaching Inquiry, and Online and Hybrid Course Design.

Participants in these programs may decide to subsequently pursue Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) research in our Faculty Scholars program.

Service-Learning Fellows Program  (Applications Due Soon!)

The Service-Learning (S-L) Program and CATLR are co-sponsoring this initiative, which includes examination of the service-learning and evidence-based teaching literature, collegial sharing with faculty and community members, and implementation of a service-learning course or component (project-based or other). Participants will build knowledge and awareness related to enhancing student learning and engagement, connecting courses with social issues, and strengthening community relationships.

The next program begins in Summer 2018 and ends in December 2019. View detailed information about the program. You may apply through the online application form now through March 30. To learn more, contact Mary English (m.english@northeastern.edu) or Becca Berkey (r.berkey@northeastern.edu).


Teaching Inquiry Fellows Program

The goal of this program is to convene faculty as a reflective community of inquiry as they explore the interdisciplinary and disciplinary education research literature and the systematic methods that can be used for rigorous scholarly inquiry into teaching. This program begins in late summer and culminates in the spring, and includes an initial multi-day retreat, in-person meetings every 2-3 weeks during the academic year, and the production of a reflective e-portfolio. Participation in the Teaching Inquiry Fellows is strongly recommended prior to application to the Faculty Scholars Program. The application period for this program is currently closed.


Online & Hybrid Course Design Faculty Fellows 

Members of the Online & Hybrid Course Design Faculty Fellows cohort will design, develop, and implement a course, using learning science principles as a foundation. The application period for this program is currently closed.

Eligibility and Stipend

All full-time Northeastern Faculty are eligible to apply for either of these Fellows programs. Those selected will receive a stipend for their participation.

Application and Information Sessions

Selection will be through a formal application review process.  The application period for this program is currently closed.

Program for Graduate Students and Post-Doctoral Scholars 

The Center also offers a Future Faculty Program for Teaching in Higher Education for graduate students and post-doctoral scholars. This cohort program provides preparation for the teaching responsibilities of a faculty career and focuses on evidence-based teaching practices. To learn more, please visit the program’s web page.