Modularization Orientation & Design Institute

A Design Institute is a multi-day, hands-on experience focused on active exploration and application of a specific topic which builds upon the foundation of effective course design.  Over Spring Break, CATLR is offering a Modularization Orientation & Design Institute for faculty and post-docs.

NOTE: In order to attend, you must register for and attend all days of the Modularization Orientation & Design Institute. 


Modularization Orientation & Design Institute

In this 3-session institute, faculty will consider the opportunities offered by modularizing learning. We will begin by exploring the affordances and challenges of modularization, and suggesting potential structures for learning modules to meet a variety of purposes. Participants will then have the opportunity to articulate goals for modules that are relevant to their context. Participants will define and outline a specific module in alignment with desired learning outcomes and begin the process of module design.

For more information about modularization, please read the white paper.