SAIL Part 2: Putting it Into Action

Student Assessed Integrated Learning (SAIL) is a major university-wide initiative that will enable students to create a holistic, personalized learning journey that leverages learning both in and outside of the classroom. This workshop (Part 2 of a 2-part series) provides participants with guidance on how to map learning opportunities (activities such as programs, events, research, service, employment, co-op, courses) to the SAIL framework in support of SAIL goals for learners. This includes identifying the level of engagement, level of exposure to the five dimensions, and relevant skills. Additionally, participants will receive support and guidance on entering and publishing learning opportunities through the SAIL Educator Web Portal.

NOTE: To participate in this workshop, participants must have already attended SAIL Part 1: Vision, Goals, and You (or equivalent).  To see the full fall schedule for this workshop series, visit here.