Co-op: Helping Students Identify and Leverage their Strengths

A workshop for Co-op Coordinators:  Identifying and understanding our strengths can help us to find clarity on what’s important to us, build confidence, and move in the direction of reaching our full potential. The “Values in Action” (VIA) Character Strengths inventory is a research-driven taxonomy of individual strengths substantiated by the American Psychological Association, and is accessible through a free, online tool. During this workshop, we will explore the VIA character strength inventory, and its use in the career development and Co-op search process. Participants will take the VIA Character Strengths assessment and discuss practical ways the language of strengths can be integrated into our students’ Co-op experience and lifelong learning. Lunch will be provided.
CRITICAL:  Participants must take the VIA character inventory before coming to the workshop and bring their report.