This first annual Conference for Advancing Evidence-Based Teaching was held on Tuesday, May 5, 2015 in Raytheon Amphitheater, Egan Research Center. It highlighted Northeastern’s own faculty who approached their teaching with a spirit of inquiry and had the desire to share what they learned with their colleagues.  Evidence-based Teaching is teaching that benefits both from existing educational research and from evidence collected as teaching unfolds. Presenters included:

Keynote Speaker

Dan Simons, professor of psychologyDr. Dan Simons, Professor of Psychology and head of the Visual Cognition Laboratory at the University of Illinois delivered the keynote, entitled “Testing Intuitions: How We Can Improve Learning By Better Understanding Our Own Minds.”  

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This Year’s Theme

The theme of this year’s conference was “building a learning science network.” This year’s conference also featured an unveiling of Northeastern’s Learning Science Network. Over the year, the Center worked to build the network by identifying and connecting members of the Northeastern community currently engaged in learning science and evidence-based teaching practice. 


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