Evolving Teaching

CATLR provides opportunities for faculty and graduate students to evolve their teaching practice in ways that enhance student learning. Grounded firmly in the learning sciences, our consultation services and programs support the creation of learning environments that lead to enduring knowledge. We offer:

  • Teaching programs
  • Teaching consultations
  • Online resources for faculty

Promoting Research

CATLR staff are actively engaged in discipline-based research, faculty development research, and research into the impact of specific teaching approaches on learning. We are always available to consult and collaborate with you on research and grant proposals that focus on teaching and learning, or which incorporate an educational component. We offer opportunities for research collaborations.

Also, be sure to check out the Research Institute for Experiential Learning Science (RIELS)!

Integrating Technology

At CATLR, we emphasize the strategic use of technology as one way to create deep learning environments, whether in face-to-face, online, or hybrid classrooms. Our teaching consultations and programs can help you identify ways to integrate technology into your teaching as a means of achieving desired learning outcomes. We offer:

  • Resources for teaching with technology
  • Workshops on teaching with technology