The Program on Human Rights and the Global Economy (PHRGE) was founded in 2005 to engage the Law School and University communities in rights-based approaches to economic development and social transformation. PHRGE supports cutting-edge human rights scholarship and movement-building, with particular focus on the right to education, the rights of non-citizens and land and water rights.

Each year, PHRGE organizes an annual Human Rights Institute, the Valerie Gordon Lecture, and an array of community events designed to bring human rights perspectives into the law school community. There are several ways for students to get involved:

  • Human Rights fellowships: co-op with leading human rights organizations in the US and internationally and receive a $3500 stipend.
  • Research internships: gain experience in the human rights field by carrying out research related to economic, social and cultural rights.
  • Human Rights Caucus: join this student group and collaborate with PHRGE to bring human rights programs and activism to the law school.

Visit the PHRGE webpage or join the mailing list: stay updated on all human rights related happenings at the law school. Email to sign up.