The Program on Human Rights and the Global Economy (PHRGE) was founded in 2005 to study and promote rights-based approaches to social transformation and economic development.

  • PHRGE supports cutting-edge human-rights scholarship and movement building.
  • PHRGE has special expertise in the areas of economic, social, and cultural rights – and the rights of noncitizens.
  • PHRGE is currently engaged in projects on the right to land, the right to water, the rights of noncitizens, and the local implementation of international human rights.

 There are several ways for students to get involved with PHRGE!

  • Human Rights Fellowships. Compete for a prestigious PHRGE Fellowship, which provides financial support for an unpaid human-rights co-op.
  • Research assistant position and internships. Gain experience by working with PHRGE staff and affiliated faculty members.
  • Human Rights Caucus. Join the student group that collaborates with PHRGE to support human-rights programming and activism at the law school.
  • Mailing List. Join the list to hear about human-right events at the law school. Email to sign up.

For more information, visit or contact PHRGE’s Director, Elizabeth Ennen, at