Orientation Assignments

Welcome Class of 2023!

You have a little work to do before orientation to prepare to fully participate in Legal Fundamentals and the Diversity & Inclusion program. Carefully review and complete the tasks below.

1. Read this article and this article on the U.S. legal system in preparation for Legal Fundamentals: Case Reading on Monday, August 31st.

2. Read this article in preparation for Legal Fundamentals: Legal Discourse on Tuesday, September 1st.

3. In preparation for the Diversity and Inclusion Session on Tuesday, September 1st.

  • Read these short articles.
  • Take the Implicit Association Test from Harvard. Select two or three to complete. Record or save your results. You will not have to share your results with others, but you may want to bring them to orientation to aid in your discussion.
  • Watch these short videos from the NY Times and TED TalkĀ from Mia Birdsong. If you are having trouble viewing these videos please contact lawstudentaffairs@northeastern.edu.