Northeastern University School of Law COVID-19 FAQs


How do I report if I am vaccinated?

Visit to access the Self-Report Vaccination form. Please note—students are required to be fully vaccinated before the start of the fall term and will still need to submit documentation of their vaccination.   

What if I get sick and cannot attend class?

If you will miss just one or two classes, contact your professor directly.  If you will be absent for a longer period of time, contact the Office of Academic and Student Affairs (ASA) for support. 

What if I cannot attend class in person for a limited period of time, either because of COVID symptoms or because of testing or quarantine protocols?

You should notify your professor if you will be unable to attend in-person classes on your assigned day due to testing or quarantine protocols.  If your circumstances change and you need to switch to online attendance due to health and safety reasons, you should complete the relevant form.

What safety and masking protocols are in place to keep the campus safe?

State guidelines still require people to wear masks in some settings, such as public transportation and inside medical facilities, such as University Health and Counseling Services (UHCS). 

We understand that people may have different comfort levels when it comes to removing their masks, and we urge everyone to respect the decision of others regarding mask wearing. 

What is the University doing to keep buildings safe?

Northeastern will complete a readiness checklist for each building in our global network before it reopens. Prior to reopening, buildings will follow all state-mandated guidelines for signage, hygiene protocols, cleaning and disinfecting, healthy distancing, staffing, and operations. The facilities team will modify furniture layouts to promote healthy distancing and will complete preventive maintenance for water systems and air filters. In addition to replacing its air filter systems for fall 2020, Northeastern is setting its HVAC systems at the minimum air recirculation setting, allowing as much fresh air circulation as possible. For leased properties, Northeastern will verify that the property manager has prepared the buildings’ common spaces according to state guidelines while following university standards within our own leased spaces.    

What are the consequences for not following health and safety requirements?

All community members, including law students, are expected to follow all University directives, rules, and protocols related to COVID-19 and otherwise.  Failure to do so may result in referral to the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution and could result in disciplinary action.

Student Life and Support

What resources are available to support my physical and mental health?

All law students have access to University Counseling and Health Services.  In addition, the Northeastern University Student Health Program (NUSHP) provides Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance to law students, unless a law student has explicitly waived this insurance in preference of an alternate provider.  Resources available to support mental health include Find@Northeastern where law students can access a mental health provider through tele or in person visits anywhere in the world.

Students with the NU Student Health Plan should also note that they have access to Blue Cross Blue Shield’s Well Connection, which provides access to live video visits with medical providers and behavioral health specialists.

In addition, law students are eligible for free and confidential support services through Massachusetts Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers

Students with questions or concerns about navigating these services or students who need additional support should contact the Office of Academic and Student Affairs.

What law school common spaces will be open for student use?

The Law Library, Dockser Commons and the lounge areas outside the second-floor Dockser classrooms will be open for students who are participating in on-ground classes.  Students must follow all safety protocols.  The university’s COVID-19 website will be updated regularly with more information.

What is the guidance on eating and drinking on campus?

Serving food and drink in designated eating areas or at events and meetings is permitted—for example, food served in break rooms or conference rooms, or at meetings, trainings, receptions, or other events.

Where can I find more information?

For more information, please visit the university’s COVID-19 reopening website.