Law Review

The Northeastern University Law Review is a collection of works written by academics, practitioners and law students. Each issue includes articles covering various timely legal topics. A special effort is made to include articles that resonate with the spirit of NUSL by making connections among public interest and the ideas of innovation and legal practice. The law review is published twice a year.

Law Review experience is favorably viewed by the majority of employers. Certain postgraduate positions may even require candidates to have law review experience. As a staff member, a student will learn about a presently relevant area of law, hone valuable research and citation skills, and get exposure to professional writing.

For more information, please visit the Law Review’s website ( or send a message to


All NULR staff members have the following responsibilities:

  • Must attend a research and citation training at the beginning of their participation in the Law Review.
  • Must attend all official staff meetings throughout the academic year.
  • Must successfully complete all assigned tasks.
  • Must commit to work for the Law Review for one full academic year (i.e., two in-class quarters during one academic year).

How to Apply

Only 2L and 3L students are eligible to participate.

Interested students apply by completing the Law Review’s Staff Application when it becomes available each May (typically at the end of the Spring quarter before Summer quarter begins) and submitting it to by the deadline specified in the Application’s instructions.

The Law Review Staff Application consists of three main sections for all applicants: (I) a fact-checking exercise, (II) a cite-checking exercise, and (III) a closed-prompt essay component. There are additional sections for applicants who would like to be considered for Student Note Staffer positions and Senior Staffer positions, the instructions for which are included in the application.

Opportunities for Credit


  • Staffers can now earn up 2 credits total, 1 after each academic quarter, if they write a student note with mentorship from a Senior Staffer while also completing traditional law review assignments.
  • The only strict requirements for student notes are that they meet all requirements for NUSL’s Upper-Level Writing Requirement. The requirements are available on NUSL’s ASA website, but the main requirement is that the work product is at least 15 pages (3,750 words) in length. Student notes thus allow Staffers to obtain credit while also simultaneously producing a writing piece that can be used to satisfy their Upper-Level Writing Requirement.
  • Staffers who choose to only complete traditional law review assignments will receive no credits.

Senior Staffers:

  • Senior Staffers can now earn 1 credit total, at the end of their last 3L academic quarter, for mentoring a Staffer (or multiple Staffers) writing a student note while also completing traditional Senior Staffer assignments.
  • Applicants who wish to solely work as a traditional Senior Staffer are also more than welcome to apply, but will receive no credit.