Exam Schedules

1L and Upper-Level Exam Schedules will be posted here as the information becomes available.

If you have any questions, please email Bill Greene (b.greene@northeastern.edu).

Fall 2019 Upper Level Exam Schedule

Fall 2019 Upper Level In Class Exam Schedule

Saturday November 16 will be a reschedule day for in class exams in case of a University closing. Please make travel plans accordingly.

Summer 2019 Upper Level Take-Home Exam Schedule

Spring 2019 IL Exam Schedule

Spring 2019 1L Exam Schedule

Saturday May 11 will be a reschedule day in case of a University closing.  Please make travel plans accordingly.


Students may petition to reschedule an exam if 1) they have two exams schedule on the same day, or 2) they have three exams scheduled on three consecutive days. Do not approach your instructor to ask for a reschedule, as it will automatically identify you and nullify our blind grading system. To request an exam reschedule, please submit this form to ASA. Note: only upper-level in-class exams can be rescheduled. 1L in-class exams will not have any conflict that meets the reschedule eligibility criteria listed above.

Take-Home Exam Extensions

Extensions for upper-level courses can only be given when the student has received the written approval of the course instructor prior to exam week. Do not attempt to get an extension in the course once exam week has begun. Extensions approved into the next quarter will result in the grade of Incomplete. The academic rules require that summer quarter courses must be completed by the third week of the following winter quarter. You and the instructor must agree on the due date, and you are advised to complete the course as soon as possible. Experience has shown that students have much difficulty completing course work once a co-op has begun. PLEASE NOTE: You must submit an extension form for Independent Study projects as well.