1L Exam Information

Your final exams will be taken using the Examplify software.  More detailed information coming soon.

Fall 2021 1L Exam Schedule

Exam Numbers and Login Information

Exam Number (aka Assessment Number)

Your exam is an anonymous, randomly generated number assigned to you each term.  Using exam numbers instead of names allows faculty to grade your exams blindly which allows for fair and unbiased grading.  You will receive a new exam number for your final exams this semester and in future terms. These numbers will be imported into ExamSoft and Examplify by ASA and will appear automatically in your Examplify exams.

You can find your exam (assessment) number on the ExamSoft website.  Once you have logged in to the website, click on the “My Account” tab which you can find by under your name and the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

Your exam number will automatically be included in any exams you take using the Examplify software, but you must add it to any exams you upload using the web portal.

Your exam number is not your NUID or your Husky Card ID!

Logging in to the ExamSoft Website and the Examplify Software 

You will receive an email with your ID and Password for ExamSoft.  The log in information is the same for both the website and the Examplify software.  If you do not see this email before the start of exams, please check your junk and spam folders.