1L Exam Information

Your 1L final exams will be taken using the Examplify software.  All in-person final exams listed below are scheduled to begin promptly at 10:00 AM ET on their assigned days. Please arrive at least 15-20 minutes early to listen to important pre-exam messaging from the exam proctors and to ensure you are logged in and ready to begin your exam at 10:00 AM.

Review the Examplify and ExamSoft tab to ensure computer compatibility. 

Spring 2023 Full-time 1L Exam Schedule

What Do I Do If I Have a Personal or Medical Emergency?

If you experience a personal or medical emergency during the exam period which impacts your ability to sit for an in-class exam or to complete a take-home exam, you should contact the Office of Academic and Student Affairs at lawstudentaffairs@northeastern.edu as soon as possible to make appropriate arrangements.  Please note that documentation may be required.  To preserve anonymity on exams, please do not contact your professor.

If you are unable to come to campus to take an in- class exam because of Northeastern University’s Covid-19 protocols, please submit the form below. Please fill out a separate form for each exam that is impacted.

Emergency Exam Reschedule Form

Examplify and ExamSoft

Exam ID Number (aka Assessment Number)

The terms exam number, exam ID, and assessment number are used in different places within Examplify and ExamSoft but all refer to the anonymous number assigned to you each term. Your exam number is not your NUID or your Husky Card ID!

An exam ID number is randomly generated and assigned to you each term you are in law school.  Using exam numbers instead of names preserves student anonymity, which allows for fair and unbiased grading.  You will receive a new exam number for your final exams this semester and in future terms. These numbers will be imported into ExamSoft and Examplify by ASA and will appear automatically in your Examplify exams.

You can also find your exam number on the ExamSoft website.  Once you have logged in to the website with your user name and password, click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen and look under “My Account.”

Your exam number will automatically be attached to any exams you take using the Examplify software, but you must add your exam number to any files you intend upload using the ExamSoft web portal – you should always use your exam number instead of your name when saving files you plan to upload as part of a final exam or paper.

Logging in to the ExamSoft Website and the Examplify Software 

You will receive an email with your login credentials (username and password) from Academic and Student Affairs at least one week before the final exam period begins.  The log in information is the same for both the ExamSoft website and the Examplify software.  If you do not see this email before the start of exams, please check your junk and spam folders. If the email is not found in your junk or spam folders, then contact LawExamHelp@northeastern.edu for assistance.

Examplify Instructions for In-Person and Self-Scheduled Timed Exams

Before the exam:

  • Open Examplify by double clicking the Examplify icon on the desktop or find it in your apps list or folder.
  • If you are asked for your Institution ID, enter nusl (case-sensitive, no punctuation).
  • Log in using the Student ID and password emailed to you by Academic and Student Affairs.
  • Once the registration check is complete, you will see the Examplify home page where you can download and start exams.
  • Click on the name of the exam that you wish to download in the ‘My Exam’ section, under the ‘Ready for Download’ heading.
  • Click the blue ‘Download Exam’ button in the middle of the screen directly underneath the name of the exam.
  • Once downloaded the exam will move from the ‘Ready for Download’ heading to the ‘Downloaded’ heading.

The Exam:

  • Proceed to the screen with a stop sign (with a hand in the middle). 
    • For in-person exams, check the box indicated to start only when instructed to by the proctor.
    • If you are taking a self-scheduled timed test, proceed only when you are ready to begin your exam as you must complete the exam in one session.
  • Write your Exam ID on all paper materials before you do anything else.
  • Examplify saves your work automatically and continuously to ensure your exam answers and content are safe.
  • Examplify provides a word count for essay questions below the answer area. To find the word count, click on the paper symbol next to the character count. This window provides the total number of words for the essay response. If text is selected in the current question, Examplify provides the same information for the text that is selected.
  • If spell check is enabled, words that are misspelled will have a red underline. Right-click on the underlined word and you will see a list of possible correct spellings. Select the correct spelling to update your exam response.

When you finish the exam:

  • When you have finished, click on the ‘Exam Controls’ tab at the top and select ‘Submit Exam.’
  • Once an upload has been completed, a green “Upload Complete” screen will appear. This means that the file has successfully uploaded to the server and is awaiting processing.
  • It may take several minutes for the confirmations such as the email and text notifications as well as the exam history to reflect your upload, but rest assured, the answer file has been uploaded and your content is safe once the green confirmation screen appears.
  • Log out of the Examplify program only after you receive confirmation your exam was successfully uploaded.
  • Turn in all paper materials in your possession, making sure your Exam ID is clearly printed on all of them.