The School of Law Commencement is Thursday, May 24, 2018 at 2:00 in Matthews Arena.

Electronic tickets will be available through MyNortheastern the week on May 7th.

For information about the event and where the ceremony will be live streamed, please click here.

For more information, visit the Commencement Office at Northeastern University.

Northeastern University FAQs

Graduation Checklist


The deadline to declare a concentration was October 1st of your 3L year.  Once you have finished the requirements for your concentration, certify that you have done so by the end of the second week of your final quarter.

Apply to Graduate

The Application to Graduate tells the Registrar that you are graduating and if you are planning to attend the graduation ceremony or not. This is not the same thing as Graduation Clearance, which Kendra Millay did for you via email.

The Application to Graduate opens in the Fall and closes in the Winter Quarter. The deadline to apply to graduate is April 6, 2018.

Co-op Exit Survey

Help the Co-op and Career Development Office learn your post-graduate plans.

This is found on Simplicity, under the Profiles Section. It’s called “Graduate Employment Survey,” and you should fill it out one week before commencement.

Bar Authorization & Certification

Any graduate planning to take the bar must fill out this form, which authorizes the release of information to state bars and certifies that disclosures have been submitted to NUSL.

While there is no formal deadline, please plan ahead. It can take up to one week to complete a bar certification, once we receive it. For more information, please check this website.

Note: All bar certifications are processed by ASA. However, if the jurisdiction which you are sitting for wants an official transcript, you should request it from here.

Transcripts from Dual-Degree or Transfer Students

If you are a transfer or dual‐degree student, please submit your official transcripts as soon as possible, but before the first week of classes in your final quarter.

You can have your former university mail official transcripts here:
NU School of Law, Attn: ASA
416 Huntington Ave, 59 Cargill Hall
Boston, MA 02115

Ceremony & Reception Details

Gowns, Honor Cords, and Tams

You must purchase a tam in advance of the ceremony. Your tam and your gown will be on your chair before the ceremony, unless you have opted to purchase a used tam AND you picked it up early for dry cleaning.

If you ordered an OSD cord, it will be on your chair at Commencement.



You will receive an email from the Commencement Office with instructions on how to download your tickets via myNortheastern. Each graduating student is allocated ten tickets. If you need additional tickets, please fill out this form. Tickets will be available for download the week of May 7th.

You will have to show your electronic ticket at the door. For those who do not have a smart phone, you may print your tickets to bring them to the ceremony.


To learn more about the commencement ceremony, please check the Commencement Office website for details. They will post more information as they make it available.


There will be a reception following the ceremony in the Curry Student Center and courtyard for all graduates and invited guests. The reception should last 1-1.5 hours. The Commencement Office will post more information as it becomes available.

Spring 2018 3L Course Passage

Professors have been instructed to let our office know by the end of the day on Monday May 21st if all 3Ls have passed (of course some will miss the deadline).  We will post the last of classes below and update it as soon as we hear from professors.  Don’t panic if your classes aren’t listed yet . . . it doesn’t mean you failed, it just means we are still waiting for word from the professor.  Good luck and congratulations!

All graduating JDs and LLMs have passed the courses listed below:

Accounting and Finance for Lawyers (Wall)
Administrative Law (Rosenbloom)
Advanced Criminal Procedure:  Adjudication (Miller)
American Legal Thought (Klare)
Amicus Curiae Project (Philipson)
Antitrust (Cooper)
Basic Income Taxation (Fray)
Branding Law and Practice (Montgomery)
Comparative Family Law (Isailovic)
Corporate Finance (Scott)
Disability Law (Baker)
Disrupt the Cradle to Prison Pipeline – Restorative Justice (Maze-Rothstein)
Domestic Violence Clinic (Lindauer)
Drug Law and Policy (Beletsky)
Employment Law – Job Security and Rights (Spieler)
Estate Planning (Fray)
Evidence (Zoltek-Jick)
Family Law (Duffly)
Federal Courts (Burnham)
Immigrant Justice Clinic (Gundavaram)
Inside Counsel (Mostyn)
International Business Transactions
Intro to US Constitutional Law (Magee)
IP CO-LAB Clinic (Landergan)
Law of Financial Institutions (Keefe)
Law Review (Dyal-Chand)
Master Class in Legal Design (Jackson)
Negotiation (Baker)
Poverty Law and Practice Clinic (Rowan)
Professional Responsibility (Rosenfeld)
Secured Transactions (Phillips)
State and Local Government (Enrich)
Strategies for Bar Success (Kukas)
Systemic Justice (Mogul)
Transactional Drafting Seminar – Section 1 (Barlas)
Transactional Drafting Seminar – Section 2 (Barlas)
Trial Practice (Keating)
Trial Practice (Tumposky)
Independent Study – Baker, S.
Independent Study – Bloom
Independent Study – Burnham
Independent Study – Durkin
Independent Study – Dyal-Chand
Independent Study – Gundavaram
Independent Study – Hartzog
Independent Study – Landergan
Independent Study – Lee, J.
Independent Study – Lindauer
Independent Study – Mallory
Independent Study – Mangiafico
Independent Study – Matwyshyn
Independent Study – Medwed
Independent Study – Phillips
Independent Study – Ramirez
Independent Study – Rolland
Independent Study – Sessa
Independent Study – Silbey
Independent Study – Williams
Moot Court and Legal Competition – Enrich
Moot Court and Legal Competition – Hahn-Dupont
Moot Court and Legal Competition – Silbey
Moot Court and Legal Competition – Zoltek-Jick

We are still waiting for word from professors for the following classes: