The MA Bar Exam

Recent JD Graduates Taking the July 2022 Bar Exam

  • Massachusetts Bar Exam LSC Addendum: You must submit the LSC Addendum when asked for the “Law School Certificate.” You can find the form here. Download it, and follow these steps:
    • Complete the form as indicated
    • Save the form exactly as titled- LSC Addendum
    • Save in PDF format
    • Upload in the portal where asked for a law school certificate

JD Students and Alumni: 

All JD students and alumni applying for the Massachusetts Bar Exam do not need to submit the Law School Certificate.

As a courtesy to our students, Northeastern University School of Law submits the information on the Law School Certificate to the Massachusetts Board of Bar Examiners for every JD student. The Massachusetts Bar already has your Law School Certificate.

On the Massachusetts Bar Exam Application, any NUSL JD student and alumni can ignore the yes or no question on the application that asks if the Law School Certificate is enclosed.

LLM Students and Alumni:

Please submit the Law School Certificate to The Office of Academic & Student Affairs (

Taking the bar exam in a different jurisdiction other than Massachusetts?

Please refer to this page for more information.