Awards and Scholarships

While competitions often require students to complete new work to earn distinction, award and scholarship opportunities relate to work already accomplished for which students then seek to be recognized. For some awards, students may apply directly; others require NUSL to select the nominees.

How to Apply:

  • Most external awards are self-nominating; students independently apply and are responsible for submitting any required materials.
  • Students may request assistance in preparing application materials, including personal statements, from OSD.
  • Some awards processes require that NUSL officially nominate students:
    • Applications of all interested students are reviewed by the Ad Hoc Awards Committee, composed of three (3) faculty or staff and two (2) upper-level students. The Committee will choose its nominees by consensus.
    • A Committee-member student seeking nomination must recuse herself from any meeting in which applicants are discussed.
    • For an award based purely on academic achievement, a student should solicit the required recommendation from a faculty member. The faculty member will submit the recommendation directly to the competition administration without Committee review.

You can search for scholarships in the OSD Database:

  • When searching the OSD Database, use the Ctrl or Command button to search multiple categories.
  • The Database provides general information and includes links to opportunity websites for more details.
  • The deadlines are most useful as guidelines for what time of year a submission is likely to be due; please look at the website for a specific writing competition for an accurate deadline.