Upper-Level Writing Requirement

All JD students must fulfill the Upper-Level Rigorous Writing Requirement. There are specific deadlines you need to be aware of for the Upper-Level Rigorous Writing Requirement. Students can read the rule outlining the requirements and the deadlines here.

To have a piece of writing evaluated to fulfill this graduation requirement, please submit theĀ Upper-Level Rigorous Writing Requirement Form. You may use writing from a class, clinic, or co-op. Please feel free to redact sensitive client information, as necessary. If your final term is an academic semester and you were not able to complete the rigorous writing requirement before the term begins, please submit a Writing Requirement Plan Form laying out your intended requirement completion plan no later than the Add Deadline of that semester.

Please note: You may not use the same course to satisfy both the Experiential Education Requirement and the Upper-Level Writing Requirement. Meaning, you may not use a paper written in a course for your Experiential Education Requirement to also satisfy your Upper-Level Writing Requirement.